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More Sleep ...

December 12th, 2011 at 03:16 am

Well, I did go to church yesterday, then I came home wrote an email back to a friend, talked to my dad ... and then took a nap. I pretty much didn't get up again til this morning around 8!!

I watched POI this morning after I got up, and then I spent about five hours working on library stuff that I could do from the comfort of my home. (cleaning up late fines from previous years, putting together late fine notices for this year ...) Then I spent a couple hours dreaming Smile (about books of course!)

I did manage to get a couple loads of laundry done, and I'm going to try to motivate myself to do some dishes here soon ...

Tomorrow after I take Kari to the vet, I'm going to eat breakfast at Burger King. Not exactly healthy I know, but not something I get the chance to do very often. (the vet is within a few blocks of a BK, and I'll be dropping Kari off at 7:30 ... so ...)

I did get my refill of Synthroid yesterday, and I hope it will start kicking back in here within a few days.

Oh get this! On my way back from church yesterday, I noticed a 2 inch+ crack on the lower left hand side of my windshield. Rolleyes I must have had a rock hit my windshield within the past few days, or the freezing and unfreezing of the windshield cracked it ... I just hope I can put off doing anything about it til January. I've had enough car stuff this month already.

With payday this Thursday, I'll have my December budget flush. So then the next two paychecks will go straight to January -- which means I'll *finally* be back on the YNAB method -- i.e. living a month behind (with a one-month buffer.) With that accomplished, and if I can keep control of myself in spending (keep away from Amazon til you have giftcards to spend ... keep away ...)then I can start thinking about my 2012 goals. I've been thinking some on them, and will post soon with some of my thoughts -- maybe a little closer to 2012 though. Big Grin

I am close to earning my next $5 AGC from Swagbucks (will definitely have it after getting my birthday Swag on Thursday.) I am also within 400 points of cashing out again on Beezag ($8 cash.) I haven't been as consistent with either of them as I'd like -- probably will make that one of my goals. Smile Free, easy money -- right?

4 Responses to “More Sleep ...”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Can you get that filler stuff put in your windshield? It might stop a bigger crack. Our insurance pays 100% for windshield stuff; it might be worth it to check yours?

    I'm behind with my Swagbucks stuff too. I cashed out lots of it for Amazon cards too for DD's Christmas Kindle and now my balance looks so sad.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Unfortunately I think it may be too late. The crack had spread the entire length of the windsheild this am. At least it isn't in my viewing area.

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    Does your car insurance cover windshield replacement?? You may have to pay the deductible.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Nope, I only have liability, so it does not cover the windshield.

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