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I Succumbed :) - Library furlough??

September 2nd, 2009 at 06:39 pm

I thought about it and thought about it. I took everyone's thoughts and opinions into consideration. Then, I made the decision.

I upgraded to an iPhone. Big Grin

It made me almost faint seeing the total bill for the phone + a protective case I got for it (will be reimbursed by dad and grandma - put it on my cc so I get reward points.)

I am in lurve.

The GPS function I haven't really used very much yet - and so far I'm holding off on doing the $10 extra feature GPS. (You have GPS functioning w/turn by turn directions for free - the fee is for spoken out loud directions.)

The internet though, and a bunch of apps, I am making a lot of use of.

One of the first apps I bought ($2) was iTreadmill. Basically it is a pedometer. You stick the iPhone in your pocket as you walk or run. The app counts your steps and measures your distance/time/speed/calories burnt. When you're finished, you can then save the results into a history log. Then you can see your progress (or lack thereof.) Big Grin

Next I got the free Pandora app. I love Pandora.com and have really missed it working at the gym w/no internet access. For those of you who don't know what Pandora is, it is a website where you can pretty much create your own music stations, based on names of songs you input and then the website finding similar songs and your giving thumbs up or thumbs down.

Tonight as I was driving home I was getting annoyed by the endless chatter on every radio station I listen to - so, I pushed on my Pandora app, and listened to music all the way home. Big Grin

I have some other free apps too that I really like - one for Facebook, another one called Yelp! which helps you find stores, etc that are close to you, etc.

It took me some trial and error, but I have figured out how to get into and use the Blackboard site where all of my classes are located. I am able to open and read the discussion boards, open and read the powerpoint lectures, as well as other needed functions.

That is probably the most valuable aspect.

Right now I'm still in the infatuated phase and am probably spending way too much time on it (using up a full charge 2 x in a day --- Big Grin )

Today I spent way too much time watching youtube videos. Got my fill of cute kitties. Big Grin

I have experienced a few annoyances with it though - such as I bought one song from the itunes store (Colbie Calliat - Bubbly) and then when I synced it with my computer today, the song was taken off my iPhone and put on my computer only. Frown The other thing I haven't been able to get to work yet is the voice activated calling system.

If I get off at 3 tomorrow, I'm going to stop by the store and see if someone can help me figure out what's going on.

What can I say? I'm hook, line and sinker - hooked!

The Dallas libraries are closing on Friday for a furlough day. (There's a second one later, can't remember when.)

While that makes me sad that the libraries are having to do this, I am also a bit confused as to their reasoning.

What do I mean? Well the branch that I go to most often is always closed on Thursdays. All the other branches, except for the Central location, have always had at least one day where they are closed each week on a rotating basis.

So guess what they're doing? All the branches except for two, are going to be open on Thursday. That just means that my branch will be closed this week on Friday instead of Thursday. Huh? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me - but, I guess that is government for you, right?

I stopped at the library today and picked up a copy of Hitchhiker's Guide. My mom has never seen it, so this weekend she's in for a treat. Big Grin

Soon she'll know why I grin like mad when I say: "So long and thanks for all the fish." And won't look at me like I'm losing it when I tell her, "Today is towel day! Where's your towel?"

42 everybody!

13 Responses to “I Succumbed :) - Library furlough??”

  1. SicilyYoder Says:

    How have you been doing? I have been working a lot and not been on. I want an IPhone, too- lucky you-(HUGS)

  2. shiela Says:

    I love Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, especially the books, the movie was good too.

    Yep! 42 is all you need to know about life. lol

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Hi Sicily,

    I'm doing ok. Had an interesting couple weeks with my car, but hopefully I am past that for awhile. Smile
    My dad and grandma offered to buy me the iPhone and help me with the monthly costs, otherwise I would never have gotten it. With all your traveling and such, you might actually find it pretty useful. Smile

    Oh I totally agree! The books are awesome. Smile The 2006 movie version though left me grinning for days afterwards. Big Grin (I even wrote a blog post about it here - called .... "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish." of course.) Smile

  4. cassandra Says:

    Well, this weekend is labor day weekend so they might be closing on Friday so everyone gets a four-day weekend. But who knows.

    I want an iPod touch. I was seriously tempted to get one a few months ago but I bought my Kindle instead (and am so much happier with that!). But I can ask for one for Christmas...

  5. cassandra Says:

    Oh, and I too love Hitcher hiker's guide to the galaxy. Fiance's favorite phrase is "The answer is 42". He won't stop saying it!

  6. frugaltexan75 Says:


    One app I got that I didn't mention is eReader. I looked at getting the Kindle app, but it looked like all you could get were amazon books, mostly pay ones. The eReader app lets you use books from this one site that has a ton of free books to download. One book I downloaded from there alredy is "Eve's Diary." I think it is by Charles Dickens - it's quite funny so far. Smile

  7. baselle Says:

    The Hitchhiker's Guide is why I always try to use locker 42 ... in the gym, with my towel.

    The reasoning by the Seattle Library furlough is that this week traditionally had the fewest patrons.

  8. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Great to see your luving the phone ! Enjoy !

  9. frugaltexan Says:

    LOL Baselle!

    At the gym where I work, #42 would be a floor level locker - so you'd have no trouble getting it every time because everyone avoids the floor lockers. Maybe they're missing part of the answer - sometimes you have to bend down low. Smile
    Thanks Apprentice Smile

  10. mrs. Says:

    Which version of Hitch hiker's did you get? I have a friend who closely identifies with Marvin!

  11. frugaltexan Says:

    I got the 2006 version.

  12. cassandra Says:

    I've seen that app before (and I definitely considered it when I was debating the Kindle purchase). How is reading on the iPhone? Does it strain your eyes or do you hardly notice it?

    I have close to 50 books so far on my Kindle and I have paid for only 2 or 3, and one of those was for school (cost $1 compared to the $7 the school wanted!). Free books are awesome. I don't if you can download books from websites onto your app, but I know a few websites that offer tons of free books if you would like them.

  13. frugaltexan75 Says:


    Reading on the iPhone isn't too bad. The app I have has a night time function where you can control the brightness of the screen and even make the text white on black.

    Yes, I can download books from websites with my app - the one I've downloaded a few from already has thousands of free books. Smile Can't recall the name right now though.

    That is interesting about getting a textbook for a $1. That is def. a price I could go for. Smile Most of the ones I've gotten so far are in the 30 - 60 range with shipping.

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