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Defrosting & First Step Grad School

May 28th, 2009 at 06:15 pm

Wednesday was my day off from the gym. I had lots of ideas of things I'd get done ... but then I opened up my freezer and realized that it really had gotten bad.

My freezer is a hand me down from my parents. It is well over 20 years old and is HUGE. It also has a bum leg which has to be propped up in order to keep the freezer stable and the door sealed tightly.

Last week apartment management came by and did their "inspect electrical plugs" tour. I had unplugged everything I reasonably could - with the exception of the freezer. There was no way I was going to try to move that behemoth and unplug it - especially with not knowing when ..or if .. they'd actually come.

I arrived home one day last week to find a note letting me know they'd been through. They had obviously unplugged both my fridge and my freezer, because both were noticeably out of place.

I noticed that the freezer wasn't totally frozen, but just checked the door. After a few days I realized that when they pulled it out to unplug it, they had pulled the unstable leg off the deck of notecards used to stabilize it.

I procrastinated about doing anything about it.

Then yesterday morning I opened it up and saw that nearly the entire first shelf was full of ice. Ooops.

So I spent the next 7 hours defrosting the monster. It never did get totally defrosted - the roof and first shelf still had bits of ice on it - and that was after taking cups of hot water and a blowdryer to it. But it was close to my bedtime, and I decided it was good enough.

Unfortunately, I did end up having to throw out a good bit of food. Some of it was food in packages that tore while I force freed them from their icy tombs, and other packages were frozen fruit which had um... melted and refroze and melted again.

Somehow everything that was left just barely fit into my upper freezer on my fridge.

It's a good thing I don't have to pay for electricity, because I'd really hate to find out how much kilowatts the freezer is using.

I *finally* submitted my application for grad school last week and got busy with having all my transcripts sent. Today I received an email telling me that the first glance through my application was complete, and that I met the basic requirements for the main grad school. It now is being sent on to the Library Sciences department.

Now I just have to print out my essay and mail it in along with my Library Sciences application. Then wait and see. Smile

4 Responses to “Defrosting & First Step Grad School”

  1. L Saver Says:

    Congrats on getting the application in Smile You're on your way! Sorry about the freezer Frown

  2. my english castle Says:

    yuck--I hate the thawing freezer. We've had a couple of mishaps with our kitchen fridge/freezer, but those big ones are a major headache to thaw.

    Great job getting the grad school app done. Those kinds of things are so easy to put off, and so nice when they're done.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Thanks Smile
    Yep, I've been putting it off and putting it off ... then finally something clicked and I was like, 'if I'm gonna do it, I better just DO it!" Smile

  4. HouseHopeful Says:

    Lol - I hear ya about 'just doing it' Smile I'm a procrastinator on stuff I need to get done around the house. I'm the only one who loses when I put it off, but I still do Smile

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