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I Reformatted My Computer - On Accident

May 16th, 2009 at 08:17 pm

Yay me! Uh... maybe not. So my computer's been giving me problems. Been running slower and slower, and freezing up for no apparent reason. Last night it froze up on me once again. So, I turned it off (the hard turn off - couldn't get the soft turn off to work) and turned it back on. Got the blue screen.


So, I turned it off again, and then tried to turn it back on into the safe mode. Unfortunately, instead of entering safe mode, I must have hit the key to enter into recovery.

Once in that mode, there was no way to get out of it. I had two choices, a complete reformatting where I'd lose everything, or just a recovery of messed up files.

I chose the second option. Three hours later I found out that it hadn't mattered that I chose the second option -- everything was wiped out anyway.

In a way, this could have been a good thing -- if I had done it by choice. There were a number of text documents I would have liked to have not lost - could have emailed them to myself. Then there were also a bunch of photos I hadn't uploaded to Snapfish yet, which I could have uploaded.

All gone now.

But, the good thing is that my computer seems to be running quite fast again. I just now have to try to find all the links I'd had in my favorites again.

I got my final payout from today . com this past Tuesday. And then spent it. Smile I used it to hire someone named LadyJava to make my two blogs look more professional/spiffy. She did a fantastic job, and I felt it was worth every penny to not have to spend more hours trying to figure out how to make them look better on my own.


I found a neat way to make a few extra dollars which doesn't take much time at all. is a website that pays you to look at advertisements. So far I have received two payments via PayPal - the first one for $2.51, and the second one for $.97. They pay every Friday.

To get the most amount of paid ads, enter the least personal info possible. They do have a referral program. If you sign up for the service using my link (above) then I will get up to $1 ($.01 per ad click through the first 100 ads.)

In the past two and half weeks since I signed up with YouData, I have maybe spent 15 minutes on their website (including signing up) and earned $3.62.
No, not a lot of money, but the little bits add up. Smile

Okay, here is yet another link to one of my favorite pick me up blogs -- This one will appeal to cat lovers and do it yourself'ers alike. Big Grin

[url="http://holy-cuteness.blogspot.com/2009/05/kitty-whack-mouse.html"]Kitty Whack A Mole[/url]

6 Responses to “I Reformatted My Computer - On Accident”

  1. Blue Eyes Says:

    I just signed up this week with You Data also. I didn't realize that they paid weekly until I checked my email this afternoon and I got a payment for $2.57. I was excited too that I found a *new* way to make some extra income, as small as it may be!!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Isn't it kind of fun, and so easy? Smile I now am getting a payday again every Friday - even if it is just pocket change. Big Grin

  3. naturalwoman Says:

    sorry about the wipe out. yikes

    hey i know lady java. well not personally, but been to her blog a few times via entrecard.

    i wonder if i should be blogging over at today and i'll check out you data for sure. thanks for sharing.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Natural Woman,

    I would strongly advise *against* writing for today.com. They do not treat their bloggers right. In the forums if you dare to voice a complaint or question a decision they've made, you will be locked out of your account - losing all access to any material you've posted on your today blog(s).

    If you would like to hear the stories of other former today bloggers, check out todayexiles.blogspot.com

    My two new blogs are hosted by blogger, but I purchased my own domain names.

    I found LadyJava through some former today bloggers blogs. But I have found a lot of great blogs through EC. Smile

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yikes. Well, nothing fixes your computer ills like the nuclear option! Hope you didn't lose too much critical data.

    Personally, I LIKE the nuclear option, but I moved off of Windows completely. Just costs money over there, and anyway, you're big moving target....

  6. boomeyers Says:

    Glad your reformat worked out!!
    Thanks for the link too, will check it out!

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