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Did my taxes today. :)

February 2nd, 2007 at 07:58 pm

I finally got my W2 from my current employer, so I could file my taxes. I went through irs.gov and then used Turbo Tax online. I'm getting a refund of slightly over $800, even though I readjusted my witholding amount in September.

So, what are my plans for this money? I'm going to use part of it to pay myself back in a couple budget categories I siphoned from a little in order to pay for my new eliptical machine. Then I think I'm going to put $100 in my Vacation account. Then the rest -- 1/4 to each of the following: Emergency Fund, House fund, Roth IRA, and New clothing fund.

This is the largest refund I've ever gotten. One year I got $500 back, but most of that was because I had opened a Traditional IRA that year.

Something else really cool - well two things actually. Smile Today I got an email telling me when my week is to lead a team of Sparkpeople new members (newbies). Smile I'm so excited because I think this will be a great way to help people really feel comfortable and accepted right away on the site.

I'm also kind of excited about the promotion Sparkpeople is running this month for referring new people. I've gotten credit for 11 people so far (4 others who forgot to use my username when signing up). What's really neat is that *everyone* who refers at least 10 new members gets a Sparkpeople bumper sticker!

I think Sparkpeople is such an awesome site and I absolutely LOVE telling people about it! I kind of embarrased one of my friends the other night when we were at social dinner for women. There was this lady who was talking about how much she wanted to be healthier and lose weight, etc. Of course I felt like that was a perfect opening, and started telling her all about Spark. Smile Smile

I just can't tell people enough about it! After having used Weight Watcher's Online and paying out the nose just to use the site and their online tools, it is
SO refreshing to find a site that in my mind at least, is SO much better in every way, not to mention completely FREE. Smile

I love that word Free, don't you? I love it even more when that word is coupled with losing over 40 lbs. Smile

I have been at a bit of a standstill lately, but with a little revamping of my exercise program and trying to keep my eating in check (did I mention tracking *every bite*?) I am slowly starting to move in the right direction again.

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