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Money Monday

December 4th, 2006 at 07:21 pm

Was a pretty good day at work today. Nice and busy.

After work I went to the drycleaners to drop off my dress and dress coat for the work Christmas party. It was going to be $21 + tax for both of them. I decided to take my dress home and do a "shower steam" to get the wrinkles out - but left my coat because it really needed cleaning. That will set me back $10 + tax. Ugh!

I stopped to get some gas - mainly because I had noticed the price go up 4 cents in the past 3 days and didn't want to wait till I actually had to fill up.

Then I went to the library. My books were three days late. No grace period. Frown

When I got back home I paid the tuition for my class that starts in January and bought the textbook. Ouch

Oh! On a non-money note. I spoke to the Volunteer Director at the library today. She has my application and we are going to have a meeting on Friday after I get off work. I plan on volunteering probably one Sunday afternoon a month. I'm really excited, although I wish I could do it in my local branch.

Spending Log:
Library: $5.40
Gas: $14.89 ($2.15/gal -6.896 gal)
Tuition: $39.00
Textbook: (used + shipping) $39.72

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