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Turn of events

July 26th, 2006 at 08:43 pm

This past weekend was an extremely busy one for me. I ended up attending 3 birthday parties - one surprise one, and two planned ones. Sunday night was a birthday/bowling/get together with some of my Pathways classmates. I ended up getting home after midnight, but then was so keyed up it took me a long time to go to sleep.

So, Monday I was WAY overtired and not feeling the greatest. Monday late afternoon I was sitting at my desk working on a project and trying to stifle yet another yawn. Suddenly my left jaw felt like something had popped and became painful.

I waited awhile to see if it was temporary, but it kept on hurting. I decided I needed to call a dentist to see if they could tell me what had happened and tell me what to do. Of course, by the time I called, all the offices were closed.

So, I got my orthodontist's number (from when I was 19!) and called him. I actually spoke with his wife, but he called around 10 that night. He told me that it sounded like I had slipped some kind of disc in my jaw (like the vertebrae in our back) and the main thing I could do was to put warm compresses on the area and eat mainly a liquid diet for the next few days.

Then, if it didn't get better, he knows an oral surgeon in the area who would probably either know how to get it back in place or know someone who does.

Well, about the only thing I had in my place that was close to liquid was a leftover canister of Slim Fast powder (who knows how old it is!!!) and of course milk. So, until I did some shopping, a totally liquid diet was not possible.

I ate oatmeal for breakfast, which is about as liquidy a cereal/meal you can get (w/nutritional value). Then had a SlimFast shake for lunch and baked beans and sweetpeas for supper.

Then of course I had to go to the store. This of course was after my having promised myself that I would NOT go to the grocery store on any day other than Sunday (trying to cut down grocery spending). I ended up buying 4 cans of soup, cottage cheese and a thing of Ensure -- ~$12. I needed the cottage cheese anyway, but otherwise it was money I'd rather not have spent.

I'm not quite sure how to tell if my jaw/disc/muscle/whatever it is has healed enough to go back to normal eating or not. I don't know how much more of this liquid/limited chewing diet plan I can stand.

All foods I like (well, maybe not the Ensure) but without solids, its a pretty boring diet.

Good news is that Tuesday was my latest weigh-in, and since the beginning of May I have lost 12.5 pounds!!! I just can't say enough about the Sparkpeople.com website.
Sparkpeople.com : Health/fitness;
Saving Advice: Financial Fitness Smile

1 Responses to “Turn of events”

  1. rusty@saving Says:

    congrats on the weight loss!!!! you can do it, keep on keepin on!

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