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No raise in sight :( Computer problems

July 14th, 2006 at 09:13 pm

I found out that there is not actually a six-month review done at my company. Apparantally the VP who interviewed me (who is quite the jokester) was joking with me about that. So . . . without the six-month review, I have no idea how/when raises are given or decided.

This week was my first full week working in the back full time. I had been worried that I wouldn't have enough to do to keep myself busy, but I am managing to keep myself busy pretty much all the time.
I think the guys in the back are getting more comfortable with asking me to do thngs for them (and remembering that that is partly what I am there for now.)

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do about asking about whether the promotion I got included a raise or not. I'm considering just waiting till August, when I've been employeed for six months, and will have been in my new position for slightly over 3 months. Or, of course I *could* just wait till January and give myself a raise by canceling my whole life insurance policy (not really sure why I signed up for it - mistakenly thought it came out PRE tax - oops!)

My computer is dying. The fan (or should I say, ONE of the fans) is getting really noisy. When I shut it down, either manually or by pressing the button, it will eventually turn it self back on. I also for the past week have not been able to log on to my computer under my regular profile - due to "limited resources". I'm not sure how much longer my computer is going to hold on. I am *really* hoping it will be for quite a bit longer, because most of my *extra* money is going towards saving for my brother's wedding (my expenses as bridesmaid).

At least I can still get on the internet. Two days ago I couldn't. Finally figured out that my ethernet card was loose. So I had to take the cover off my computer and put it back in its slot (lost the little screw to screw it in place.)

Huge temptation to go out and buy a laptop (something I've been wanting for a long, long time.) But I'm resisting.
I have the money for one - just its allocated for other things - you know, like my Emergency Fund, Car Maintenace, my brother's wedding, etc. My expenses related to his wedding are going to set me back just about the cost of a mid-range laptop. But I'm not complaining. Smile It's for an awesome reason. Smile Smile

My mom's fiance thinks that if I add RAM to my computer that it'll fix the "resources" problem. As for the fan, well it depends on which one it is that is dying, whether that is fixable or not. Haven't quite figured that one out yet.

I'm just thankful, that for the moment at least, my computer is working and usable.

1 Responses to “No raise in sight :( Computer problems”

  1. mackenzie Says:

    i've been following your blog for a while and just had to comment on the promotion stuff - in general i think of promotion=raise. i would ask your boss for sure. if nothing else you can say, i'm just curious about the way raises are given in this company... when you receive a promotion does that mean you'll get a raise? during the 6-month reviews do you immediately get a raise afterwords? (in my company the money doesn't show up for like 3 months after). what percentage has been historically given in raises? ...etc. it's not taboo to ask when you're just wondering about what to expect. ... you can always say you're working on a budget and want to know what to estimate.

    othewise - i love reading your blog, you need to update more often Smile i'm a grocerygamer and i think that's how i came across this but anyway - keep up the good work!

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