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End of November

November 30th, 2005 at 08:02 pm

Wow! Hard to believe it's already the end of November! 2005 has just flown by. In 15 days I'll no longer be in the 20 something crowd. - yikes, I'm getting old. Smile

Work was s u p e r s l o w w w w w today. I played around on the net for a couple hours, then read about 3/4 of the 3rd book in Kingsbury's Redemption series called "Return." Guess it's good to be getting paid to sit at a computer and surf the net and read, right?? I hate the feeling of wasting other people's money though.

Unfortunately, I did not get any calls today for temp jobs this week. So, tomorrow I have the day off, and unless I get a call, I guess I have Friday off too. Wow, my paycheck a week from Friday is going to look real nice - NOT!

I don't know if anyone here has had or even heard of Anderson's Split Pea Soup - but there's a resturant in CA that almost exclusively serves it. And it is VERY good. About 7 years ago I ate there, and while I was there I bought two cans of Split Pea Soup. Until tonight, I had not opened either one of them. Let's just say that either my tastebuds have really changed, or the canned version is just plain nasty. I'd have to most likely go for the later.

Other than normal bills going out of my account today (electric for Dec, cell phone for Dec, car insurance for Nov, etc) there was no spending today.

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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