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Small Frustrations

November 29th, 2005 at 07:19 pm

Work was okay today, though I did feel quite frustrated. Candice (who called me yesterday) ended up not coming in to download her assignments. Then two of the other surveyors were no shows - though I had talked to them on Friday night and knew neither of them had done their Saturday assignments - but I thought they'd be coming by. Then another surveyor came by and he hadn't done his assignment!!! So, with the surveyor who quit last week, that left 11 surveyors. There are 16 Saturday assignments left. *If* Candice deigns to show up so I can give her a new assignment, that will leave 15 assignments. So, essentially that means that we *won't* be finishing on Dec 10. Everyone was told from the beginning that they would have to do weekends. Two of the surveyor's who didn't do their assignments - it was their THIRD time not doing their Saturday assignments. They both are from New Orleans and have amazing stories to tell. But the last time they asked for the weekend off because the woman's son was playing in a football game at UTA - I told them that I could not give ANY more Saturdays off or we weren't going to make it. But they went ahead and took this weekend off anyway.

If I were truly in total charge of this, and I didn't need every warm body possible to finish the project, as much as I like both of these surveyors, they would be gone right now. I guess I just don't understand this kind of work "ethic." Maybe its because they're getting the supplements from FEMA and so aren't relying on the money for living expenses. I really hope that previous statement doesn't sound mean or heartless. I don't begrudge any of the victims of Katrina or Rita getting helped back on their feet. I guess I just really don't understand how you can say you're going to do a job, understand totally what that means, know that time is running out, and yet still just take off.

What this does to me is it puts me in the position of a fourth week of only 20 hours unless they're are some temp jobs on a Th/Fri. I was truly looking forward to this project ending so that I could possibly get a 5-day a week job - though maybe that wouldn't have happened right away, so instead I should look at it as though giving me another 20 hours for sure.

In other news ... Last night I got a call from my college rommate/best friend Tracy. She interviewed for a K-1 position in Atlanta, GA and she was hired!!! She was SO very happy. Such an answer to prayer. She's not sure how she's going to handle telling her school kids, but at least she's got one less thing to worry about. The school she's been teaching at for the past four years is having to go to just one teacher for grades k-8, and she didn't want to take that on. She'll begin her new job in January.

Spending Log:
Dry Cleaning: $23.56 - 4 dresses suitable for professional office wear + 2 blouses
Walmart: $4.25 junkfood Frown
Cell Phone: $49.26 (450 minutes/Cingular)
Credit Card: $61.00 ($39 - min payment; $11 - extra; $10 - Netflix sub)
Car Insurance: $61 (Geico)
Pet Insurance: $9.95

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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