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A Walgreen's Story

November 26th, 2005 at 08:10 pm

Today was essentially a very lazy day for me. Spent most of it on the computer. Smile However, yesterday my dad had asked me to mail a card for him, so that meant I had to go out to the post office. Since I had to go out anyway, I decided to stop at Taco Bell and then at Walgreens since I had a little grocery budget money left. Smile

After stopping at the post office, I went to Walgreen's. I picked up my pint of Dreyer's Nestle Ice Cream and a Coke, then went to stand in line. One of the employee's came over and told me she could get me in Cosmetics, so I gladly followed her there. While ringing up my purchases, she mentioned that they had some lotions left that were free after rebate, AND that if I bought one, THEY would send in the receipt + rebate form for me!!! I'd been thinking that it was about time to get some more lotion (with Vitamin E) and since it would be free, I went ahead and bought it. All I had to do was fill my name and address out on the rebate form (I also entered my rebate card # to get the extra 10%). She kept my receipt and marked my purchase, and she will send it in for me! I have to say that that is some remarkable customer service! I hadn't done any Walgreen's rebate shopping in awhile, but that was easier than pie!

Tomorrow I am going to try and figure out a couple things I can make with my stockpile of food. I'd like to make Special K roast, but I'm not sure I have enough cottage cheese. Maybe I'll make lasagna or some other kind of cassarole with my oodles of noodles. Smile

Found out that at Kroger's this week you can get our friday night pizza for $2 a pizza if you buy 8 of them. That is almost $3 less than Walmart's price. I'll have to let my dad know about it so he can get some on Monday - that is, if they have enough of the plain cheese ones left by then. Frown

Walgreens: $6.39 (junkfood + lotion)
Taco Bell: $2.39 (7-layer burrito + pintos&cheese)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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