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My Gazelle arrived!!!

November 23rd, 2005 at 07:14 pm

Woo Hoo! My Gazelle arrived tonight a little after 6pm just as I was fixing supper. Smile Smile The estimated delivery date was Nov 30 and I didn't think my patience would hold out that long. Smile After dad and I ate, we worked together to put it together. It wasn't really too difficult, but it was good there were two people working together. I already did my first workout on it -- ~20 minutes. I LOVE It!!! Now I can get my cardio in while watching tv shows and not having to mess with videos or worry about what the weather's like or how dark it is, etc.

I had a short day at work today, which was good because I had NOTHING to do!! After work I picked up my check. Smile Then I stopped at Walmart. Instead of just putting enough on my shopping card for one tank of gas, I went ahead and put enough on it for the tank of gas, plus my December gas budget. That way I don't have to go in there every time I want to fill up (and be tempted to buy something else - like chocolate!)

I watched some of my Lost Bonus Disc DVD when I got home. So far it's pretty cool, but I don't think I'll watch all the parts. Then tonight Lost was on an hour later than usual, which was good because we weren't done putting together my Gazelle till nearly 7:15pm. It was AWESOME!! I bet posters on television without pity.com are going to be complaining loudly about the charachter Ana Lucia having flashbacks - but I still thought it was a very well done episode.

I read some more of my book "There's Something About Christmas" last night. In fact I had to force myself to put it down so that I would get a good night's rest. I'm going to read some more tonight, probably knowing me, I might even finish it. Smile

I'm really liking using the program "You Need a Budget." Since my income each month right now is who knows what - depending on what assignments I get/# of hours - basing my next month's spending on what I earn in the current month is the way to go. Customer service is awesome also. I had a question about something, and emailed Jesse (the creator of the program) and had a response the next day that gave me a through explanation. I think it was well worth the $20. Smile

Spending Today:
Junkfood - $2.14
Gas ---- $19.08 ---- $1.96/gallon w/card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I'm not counting my December gas budget until I actually spend it from the card.)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!

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