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My day

November 21st, 2005 at 07:33 pm

I had a late start this morning. Just couldn't make myself get out of bed in time to exercise. Made it to work with plenty of time to spare though.

Work was fairly busy all day long. One of the surveyor's came in in the late afternoon and told me that she had to quit. Her mother in law's alzheimer's was getting worse, and she was needed to take care of her. I told her I was sorry to see her go, but that I understood.

I got a call from the employment agency offering me a temp job as a receptionist on Friday. I very gladly accepted. It will definitely make next weeks paycheck much better than I was expecting.

Dad mentioned to me that my grandma and his sister might be coming here for four or five days over Christmas. I'll be happy to see them, and I know he will be very happy to see them too. But ever since I've moved out on my own, the only Christmas decorating I've done is in my classroom - and even that was just basically a paper chain and some garlands and one strand of white lights - plus kids artwork. I don't have any Christmas decorations. I don't have money to spend on decorations or the extra electricity for lights. I don't have the storage space for any of that either. So, anyway I hope that they won't be too disspointed to come and spend Christmas in a home thats NOT decorated - and if I'm offered any temp jobs during that week, I feel like it would be necessary for me to take them. So I guess he'll have to be their main host. I hope they stay in a hotel, because if they stayed here they'd have to share my bed (a King) and I'd get to sleep on the futon in my living room. No privacy at all. I guess I really have space isues don't I?

Today I wore one of the tops I bought at Goodwill in July for $2. It's blue, and soft, and has ribbing? going vertically. I wore it with my red skirt thats kind of fitted. When I looked at myself in the mirorr I was really surprised. Either I'm actually slimming down some, or the effect of the outfit was very illusional. Smile Even my dad made a comment tonight at supper asking me if I had lost weight. Smile hee Smile

k, time to be heading off -- no more sleeping in, ya hear! Weight lfiting here I come!!!

No spending today. Yay!

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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