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Good News!

November 19th, 2005 at 04:50 pm

On Friday morning I got a call from Lynn at the employment agency. She told me that they had finally managed to get in touch with Candice. It had been nearly a week since we had heard from her, and I for one was really getting worried. It turns out that she had to have emergency surgery. I don't know what it was for, but she'll be able to be back to work this week. I'd started to really let my immagination run wild on this, so am glad to know concretely what happened!

On Friday afternoon I stopped at Walmart and picked up some more supplies for my personal foot and hand spa kit. Smile I had picked up most of the supplies for the hands in October, so this month I picked up the supplies for my feet. In all, the supplies cost ~$35. A little more than the cost of a professional maincure/pedicure, but will last much, much longer, so the actual cost will probably be more like 10 cents per mani/pedi. All my supplies fit quite nicely in the dishpan (for soaking my feet in) and really doesn't take up much room. I got this one nail polish for $.88 - it's kind of clear with sparkles and little confetti type stars. I thought it was pretty cool. Smile

Today I went out to lunch with some of my Pathway classmates. It was really great seeing them and catching up. They were talking about going to the Christmas banquet ($40 per person!) and the Step Beyond training ($349 - not including hotel!). Although I would dearly love to go, I just can't justify it. For the banquet you're supposed to dress up really fancy. My one "fancy" dress fit me 30 lbs ago, so I would need to get something else. Even if I could find something at Ross or at a consignment store, it would be at least $20, plus the cost of the banquet. So today's little get together is what will have to do for me until after the holidays when we have another get together.

For Thanksgiving my mom, dad and I are going to eat at Jason's Deli. Then we're going to go to mom's apartment and watch a movie. My mom wants to see On Golden Pond, so I told her that I'll make sure I watch my two DVD's I have right now from Netflix and get them in the mail on Monday, and then put On Golden Pond to be next in my Que. It should easily be here by Wednesday. Our family used to have a traditional Thanksgivng meal. But in the last six years, I don't think we've had one traditional meal. We've either been invited to someone else's meal, or like last year dad and I ate at Golden Corral, and then I ate with my Mom at Jason's Deli (they weren't on good speaking terms then.) I do sometimes miss making the meal and eating some of our traditional foods, but I don't really miss the cleanup!! Smile

Oh! I almsot forgot to mention! I relisted my LAN cable on Ebay that didn't sell last time. This time I put a buy it now price - and somebody bought it! Woo Hoo! I'm going to get it out in the mail on Monday. I really need to get some other items listed - like the Oriental scarf, which would probably make a good Christmas gift for someone into scarves (which I'm not - and received it as a gift from someone who actually bought it in the Philipines I think.)

I received my refund from the dating site on Friday afternoon. Yay! I also ordered the Gazelle from target. It says it will arrive here by Nov 30. I'm hoping that's a generous estimate and that I'll get it much sooner than that!!

Almost forgot! Dad checked out this gym that is near where I live. He found out that they do offer Pilates classes twice a week - Mon: 7 - 8 p.m. and Wed 5:30 - 6:15 pm. You can do the classes without having to actually be a gym member. A one day pass cost $10.87, but you can get a 10 day pass for $50 which makes each class only $5! So what I am planning on doing is going to the class on Wednesday to check it out, and just buy the one-day pass to start. Then, if I like it and think I can handle it, I'll get a 10-day pass, and then go once a week. So for ~$60 I'll have 11 weeks of Pilates classes where I can have someone tell me directly what I need to improve on. Smile I'm hoping that by the end of the 11 weeks, I'll be well versed enough that I can continue on without instruction.

Ok, I need to go watch my DVD so I can mail it out on Monday. Smile

Spending Log:
Walmart: 19.70 -- pedicure stuff

Walmart -Gas: $20.50 --$2.01/gallon w/giftcard
Abuelo's Mexican Resturant: $8.87 (meal + tip)
Walmart: $3.14 -- junkfood

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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