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Busy Day -- Also, reply to Kashi :)

November 10th, 2005 at 08:12 pm

Today I had two new surveyor's come to train. One of them was actually training today, and the other one is training on Saturday morning, then taking her first run later that afternoon. It was a much more hectic Thursday than the last couple of Thursdays have been, but that was good. I took both of the surveyor's for a walk - out the building and around the corner, through the car access gate, through the back parking lot, and back into the building. The male surveyor was having no trouble keeping up with me, but the female was lagging majorly behind. I guess I'm just so used to fast walking that I don't even think about it - especially since I've been doing so much exercise purpose walking lately. When I realized how far behind she was I *really* tried to slow down, and even stopped a couple of times.

When I got home today Monkey (my cat) was SO happy to see me. I turned the water on for him in the sink, and then sat down. He ignored the water in the sink (amazing!) and jumped up on my lap purring away. Smile Whoever said cats don't mind being alone REALLY doesn't have a clue about cats!

Today I did my Pilates for Dummies DVD for the second time. I think I like it better than the other two DVD's I have - although Ana Caban's Beginner's Pilates Mat Routine is a better format for explaining some things, so really, the two together are a good start for a newbie like myself. Now, if I could just manage to do the Roll Up (can't even manage it in the modified beginner's position!)

I got a charge in my bank account for my cable bill - it was the same amount as the last few months. I'm going to call them in the morning and find out just WHY I got charged that same amount -- ARGHH!!!

Yesterday I figured out how to set my dvd/vcr. If I hit the record button, it records. But, it won't do a timed recording (and all the info is right). I so miss my DVR. Frown Frown Frown Hey Kashi, if you're reading, yes, I would seriously love some info on how to hook a Tivo through my cable internet. I've gotta find out if I can still get a rebate though, cuz I'm not too sure how i can justify spending $200 on tv gadget when I don't want to spend $300 on an exercise gadget. Smile Smile

Other than the cable bill going out of my account today -- no spending. Smile Tomorrow though will probably be a different story. The Albertson's here is having a Quad coupon sale, meaning they'll quadruple any coupon up to a total value of $2. So, like my Morningstar $1 cpn would be worth $2 and my $.55 Baby Bell Cheese rounds coupon would be worth -- $2! Smile I just love when Albie's does their coupon thang. Smile Smile

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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