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My Points . Com ROCKS!

November 7th, 2005 at 06:56 pm

I realized after I posted that I had forgotten something majorly important!! In the mail today were two more envelopes from mypoints.com!!! I got the $25 Macy's gift card for my Mom, and the $25 Office Depot gift card for my Dad. So in less than two weeks (closer to one week than two) I received all 4 gift cards that I ordered! This is the way to do Christmas!! (Ok, so it will probably take me another two years to save enough points again to do this, but if every other Christmas is a no-cost Christmas -- well, who's complaining??) Smile

November 6:

I did my bus ride in the morning, then came home and read for awhile. My stomach wasn't feeling that great. My mom called to find out where were going to meet, and at first I thought I was going to make it, but then realized that it probably wasn't a good idea the way my stomach was acting up. So I ended up not going (okay, I really didn't want to go anyway, but my stomach really WAS feeling yucky.) I also didn't have to put any money out for a gift like I thought I was going to have to do. I talked to my mom Saturday night, and she told me the invitation specified "No Gifts.!" Yeah!!

I went to Kroger's after doing some coupon sluething. Also, my mom came by after the party and brought me her rack of dumbells (which she never uses.) So now I have 2,3,5 and 5 lb dumbells. I guess I could hold two dumbells together to make heavier weights like an 8 and 10 lbs weight - thought that might not be the safest thing to do.

Kroger's: $1.92 ($8 retail value)

November 7:
Dad and I had a bit of an argument this morning, but got over it. He did laundry today and mailed a whole bunch of coupon inserts for me to the lady who runs the Coupon Club I used to go to (but now is at least a 90 minute drive one-way). Work went fairly smoothly. I still need one more person to come in and download their data before I can send in the timesheet.

During one of the slowspells at work today I checked my checking account and saw a deposit of about $50 made in my account today. I couldn't figure out where that came from so I called my dad and asked if he had perhaps made a deposit in my account today, and he hadn't. So I called the bank. They figured out that it was someone else's deposit, but the number (account) had been off my one digit. They were very grateful for me bringing that to their attention. Smile Wish I had the $50 still though. Smile

On the way home I called my friend Karin who lives in New Mexico. She and I had a good chat. She told me that she's most likely going to be finding out the sex of her second child this week. Both her husband and her are hoping for a sister for their son.

Dad and I went to Kroger's together to take advantadge of the Morningstar Veggie food sale, as well as the Red Barron Pizza sale (had coupons for both) plus used a number of coupons for other things. He wanted to pick up some other items as well that I didn't have coupons for, otherwise we would've done better percentage wise.

On the way back from the store, we stopped by my mailbox. In my box was the second Pilates DVD from Amazon. Yeah!
I haven't opened it yet, but it looks good.

I got an instant payment from both of my Ebay bidders today. So I'll need to get those items shipped off tomorrow - and definitely use my PayPal Debit card to pay for the shipping - get 1.5% cashback. Smile Did you know that PayPal is paying something like 3.8 % interest? Better than ING, though not quite as much as Emigrant.

Spending Log:

I didn't spend any money today.

Dad bought at Kroger's: $44.32 ($80.00 Retail value)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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