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Lazy Day

November 5th, 2005 at 04:02 pm

Didn't really do much today. In the mail today I got my next two Sex in the City DVD's (Season 6, disc 2,3) -- Watched both of them. Smile I only have two more discs to watch, then I'll have seen the whole series. It's going to be hard giving Carrie and gang up. Smile

I downloaded two MP3's today from Wal-mart. "Look Away" by Chicago, and "Wandering" by Ben Folds. "Look Away" has been a favorite of mine since I was a freshman in highschool. I can remember riding in the car with my roommate Monique after a homeleave (we attended boarding school) singing to her Madonna and Milli Vanilli and Chicago tapes. Smile "Wandering" is a song that played at the end of an episode of "Everwood" two weeks ago. I thought it was so beautiful and sad (and it really fit the scene it played background for.) Last week I couldn't remember what song it was I wanted to download for my exercise reward, but this past week I was listening to the radio, and all of a sudden the name "Look Away" popped into my head, so I knew what I wanted. Smile

Dad had asked me yesterday to mail some letters for him. So today I went out about lunch time and mailed them. Then stopped by Taco Bell and Dairy Queen. Frown They don't have their blizzard special anymore -that's actually a good thing though, I won't be so tempted to buy them anymore at full price.

I'm going to have to get to bed fairly early tonight - I have a bus assignment that starts at 7 a.m. Then of course I have the 50th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow evening. I'm going to try and get ahold of my mom and see if she's using her dumbell collection - if not, maybe she'll bring it with her tomorrow so I don't have to go buy some. I need a 3lb, 8lb and 10 lbs - I have a 2 lb and a 5 lb set.

I now have 3 watchers on my phone card auction. I hope at least one of them actually bids before the auction ends - or maybe all 3 of them will bid. Smile

Spending Log:
Wallmart.com -- $1.94 (2 song downloads)
Taco Bell: $2.24
Dairy Queen: $3.21

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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