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Pain in the neck! Bite in the wallet :(

October 30th, 2005 at 03:21 am

Well, I woke up this morning totally planning on going to church, taking a nap in the afternoon, then getting my costume all put together for the Halloween party, then of course having a great time at the party. Unfortunately my body seemed to have other plans, so none of that happened. Frown I got up, and did my usual morning wake up stretch - when OW! I pulled a muscle in my neck!!!

For the first couple hours I could NOT move my head to the right, and if I had to bend down to get something I had to do a deep knee bend and then bend from the waist. Finally I took some extra strength tylenol, and sat in my recliner with the full body masage thing I got from Wal-mart at an after Christmas sale with a gift card two years ago. I guess my cat took the vibrations from the chair to be like purring, so I got a lapful of cat purring loudly away, which made it difficult to adjust myself to get the full effect on my neck and shoulder (cuz ya know if the cat wants to sit on your lap, who are you to make him move! Wink ) After a couple hours doing that, I was feeling *slightly* better, but the heat/massage function just was not getting to the sorest part, so I decided that I should go to Walgreens and get some of those spot specific heating pads.

Let's just say that driving - especially backing up - when it hurts to turn your head more than 5 degrees to the left, is painful and not reccommended. Somehow I made it to Walgreens without backing over anyone or anything. I went to the pharmacy and asked the lady what she reccomended (besides heating pads.) She told me since the tylenol wasn't working that great, there was something else over the counter I could try - of course after searching high and low for it, turns out they didn't have any in stock! At first I took a box of the name brand Therma pads - along with a $.55 coupon. When I got to the counter I asked the lady if they happened to also be on sale. She looked in the circular, and found out that that brand wasn't on sale, but another one was - $3 less, even with coupon. It ended up that she actually went and found a box of the sale brand for me (cuz I couldn't find it, and the employee in that section couldn't find one!) I still wanted that Orubitz (sp?) that the pharmacist had reccommended, so I went to Krogers (nope) and then to Walmart. Walmart didn't have it either, but it did have the same brand of heating pads I'd gotten on sale, for $.7 less than Walgreens sale price. I went ahead and picked up another box.

About the heating pads. Let's just say that they don't stay on very well - at least not on the neck/shoulder area - and especially if you can't get all your hair out of the way (which is difficult when it's painful to use both arms to sweep hair off of neck!) I ended up spending the afternoon with an empty water bottle behind my neck holding the "adhesive" heating pad in place, sitting in my recliner, finishing a book, then watching Disc 2 Season 5 and Disc 1 Season 6 of S*x and the City.

Not quite how I had planned my day to go. Tomorrow I'm supposed to do an assignment (due to my supervisor hours being cut, I'm taking routes to make up the hours). But with my neck as sore as it is, I don't think that riding on a bus for 6 hours would be very good for it, and I'm not sure if I should try for an hour long one way drive just yet. So, I think tomorrow I'm going to continue nursing my neck/shoulder, and hope that by Monday morning it will be back to normal.

I've never pulled a neck muscle before, and I pray that I never do again. But one thing this has shown me is one of the not so great things about being single (as if I didn't already know.) In watching the different seasons of S*x and the City, one thing I've realized is that even when none of them were in a relationship, they always had each other to rely on and to hang out with. That's something that is definitely missing in my life. I have awesome friends who are only a phone call away, but I don't have any friends that are close enough to just go hang out with, or go to a movie, or whatever.

Sorry. Didn't mean to go into downerville.

Bright side - didn't use half a tank of gas to get to the party and back - saved $12 - 14

Walgreens: $3 - heating pads, $3 junkfood ( I know, I know, but chocolate's good medicine, right?)
Walmart: $2.92 - heating pads

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,


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