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Headache :(

October 28th, 2005 at 02:25 am

Earlier this evening I was checking around the site to see what was new. I found the avatars - a whole bunch of them. But I picked the one I'm using for one reason -- it's an almost exact replica of my cat Monkey!!! I also thought it was pretty cool how you can now add a picture to your profile. If anyone wants to see a pic of me and my favorite guy, check out my profile. Smile Smile

My cat woke me up this morning an hour before my alarm went off. I managed to get back to sleep for a little while, but by the time my alarm actually went off, I *just* could not make myself get up out of bed to go exercise. So I decided to take this morning as my morning off from exercise.

Then, work was just hassle after hassle after hassle. Nothing terrible really, just kind of frustrating. Mainly computer and Palm Pilot troubles. The surveyor's use a Palm Pilot with GPS as they ride the busses, and we've had lots of problems with the battery packs not working, the routes not being entered correctly, the Palms freezing up, etc. etc. The new assignments didn't come in today, but I wouldn't have had time to do anything with them anyway.

With all of that activity, I didn't manage to eat "lunch" till about 3pm I developed a major headache, due to I think stress, not eating, and over tiredness. This headache still has not left me. When I got home, I took a walk with my dad, hoping that getting some endorphins pumping would help. But it didn't help very much. I had an even worse headache on Monday afternoon. Asprin is NOT helping. I have a cold water bottle behind my neck right now, and that does seem to be helping a little bit.

I don't work tomorrow, which is good so I can take care of some things. I have to get my oil changed - amazing how fast the miles add up when you have a 30 mile one-way commute 4 - 6 days a week! Then I need to get my car registered. I was going to do it last Friday, but I didn't have my insurance papers with me (I went to a Nichole Nordeman concert in Dallas and stayed overnight with my mom.) I saw gas today for $2.37 - I hope I'm not making a mistake by waiting till tomorrow to see if it's a little less. I may actually be able to fill up with a $20 bill. Long time since that's happened.

I didn't spend any money today, which is good. Though of course tomorrow I'll probably blow through $100 or more. I need to get my brother's birthday present bought (I'm getting him a gift card for Circuit City - he loves video games, and I have no clue which ones he has or doesn't have) through mypoints.com, so I'm taking care of his gift, plus I'm earning some more points. Smile I have almost 10,000 points. I'm thinking of using them for Christmas gifts this year for my immediate family. Anyone know how long it takes for gift cards to arrive that you order with points?? Btw - this is over two years worth of points - haven't spent any yet. Smile

I'm going to start tracking my spending again for November. I think I've totally lost sight of how much money I'm actually spending since not having a steady monthly amount coming in. Until I got this job, whenever I needed money, I just made another transfer from ING, which made it pretty difficult to track actual spending (without writing it all down of course.)

Ok, I think I'm going to get a cold washcloth and go to bed. Maybe this headache will go away SOON!

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

4 Responses to “Headache :(”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hope you feel better soon. I just joined My Points this week, nice to know it's a program that works. I always take a long time to try new things because I'm not very trusting. I rely on advice from sites like this first.

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