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A Sale :) :( ????

June 13th, 2005 at 09:26 pm

Well, today I made my first sale. I know I should be jumping for joy, but in all honesty, I'm not so sure I feel very good about it. The sale was to my mom. When I got to her house today she asked me how I felt it went yesterday with Dave. I told her the truth, that I felt he hadn't been very nice and that I'd seen a side of him that I didn't care for very much. She essentially decided that she wanted the Rainbow, and so she was going to get one. I think she sees this as a test of Dave - how he'll handle her going completely against what he had decided (a good point - because this is something she's known to do quite often - so maybe a good thing for Dave to see, as well as for her to see how he reacts). If her credit somehow miracuously manages to be approved, then she's going to have to start making payments on it in Sept. I wonder if she somehow thinks that Dave might bail her out and just pay it off for her???

Our group is now down to 6, and I have a feeling that by tomorrow we'll be losing one more. I can understand the other's frustration. We have a meeting Tue - Friday at 2pm which runs for at least an hour. So that essentially cuts out 1 -3 hours of time you could be doing demos (depending on how far you live from the office, etc). Also, whenever you make a sale, you have to go back to the office to get your replacement Rainbow - so if you are at an appointment an hour away, you make the sale, then you drive back to the office an hour to pick up your new Rainbow - if you have any other appointments scheduled then more than likely they'll have to be rescheduled. I have committed to doing this through at least the end of June, no matter what. On July 1 I will weigh the pros and cons and decide if I'm going to continue with this or not. I feel like I have to give this time, as well as putting forth as much of my own effort as I can.

Tonight we had what is called "Main Event" which is where all the offices in the Metroplex get together once a week. Various prizes are raffled off and some of the big wigs talk about various things. I met a few of the people from my class as well as some other people from our office, and we car pooled over to where it was held. Of the five of us, three smoked in the car. I had the privledge of sitting between two of them. *cough* *cough* *gag*! Believe me, I have my own vices, but I just can't tell you how much the smell and the smoke from cigarettes bothers me - makes me feel sick to my stomach. This is something that never was an issue at my last job (school). I don't know. Guess something I'll just have to get used to.

I found one of my items which I'd mailed out a long time ago had been returned to me because of an unknown address. I got on my computer to email the person and let her know what had happened to her item, to find out that she had already started a "dispute" resolution with Ebay!! Arghh!! I had told her that if she didn't receive it to email me!! Oh well, I responded and copied the address she had given on her MONEY ORDER and told her that it had been forwarded to my new address. Honestly, right now, I am throughly sick and tired of selling through Ebay and really could care less about getting my first negative feedback (if she ends up leaving me a negative feedback). I think if I DO ever sell more stuff on Ebay that I am going to insist on PayPal only - so I won't have this mess of an incorrect address (or wating 4ever! for the $ to come).

K, I'm very tired.

Spending Log:
Exon: $5.16 (Gas)
Pancho's: $4.97 (lunch)

Keeping It Frugal In Texas,

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