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Quick Report

June 11th, 2005 at 09:52 pm

Today was a pretty lazy day overall. It started out early, because of course my cat wanted his breakfast and didn't understand that I wanted to sleep in. Smile

The cable guy came by and switched out my box for a DVR box. Yay! But he told me that I wasn't supposed to have been getting HBO and Showtime and they'd be gone by tomorrow. Frown Wahhh! Oh well, not really like I was watching much on them anyway - just kind of nice to have such a plethora of movies to choose from. Oh, may I say it .... I LURVE my DVR!!!! Smile Smile

Towards late afternoon I was getting kind of bored and felt the need to get out of the place. So I went to Wal-Mart to drop off my dad's prescription, and to get some of the things I needed for my demonstrations. Then I dropped my books off at the library. I had thought about going in and getting some more, but I missed it closing by 10 minutes. Better luck next time I guess. After that I stopped at a pizza place and ordered a pizza to go. While I was waiting for it, I went back to my car. As I was reorganizing my car space, I found my friend Heather's # which I had been looking for before. So I called her. We were chatting up a storm, and I guess the person I'd ordered my pizza from noticed that I was on the phone, so he brought out the pizza to me. Smile Smile What service. Smile

I totally wasn't planning on talking to Heather about me coming and doing a demo for her and her husband, but our conversation just naturally flowed into it. I think I got her pretty excited about the Rainbow. We set up an appointment for Tuesday evening. SmileIt *might* be a sale!!

Tonight I watched "Daddy Day Care." I thought it would be a silly movie, but it turns out that it really was pretty good, and I was really glad that I watched it. I also watched "Picture Perfect" which I had seen before. I really didn't get much done today, but sometimes you just need those lazy kind of days.

I did though get my Excell set up to record all my business expenses and income, and refigured my budget based on just the base salary, as well as figuring out my formula for any $ above and beyond the base salary amount.

In the mail today I finally got my deposit back from my old apartment. Apparantally someone *did* come in my place after we left and stole my pots and pans (which I had inadvertantally not packed) and the wet dry/vac that the manager was supposed to pick up. So, the cost of the wet dry/vac was deducted from my refund. I could I suppose file a claim with renters insurance, but it probably wouldn't hold much water since I had to leave the door unlocked. At least the refund is enough to replace the money I used to pay the new deposit here, so I'm breaking even.

Ooops. Guess it wasn't such a quick report after all. Smile Scott would ask me sometimes how I came up with these long emails after we'd been talking on the phone for an hour or more that night. Smile Guess I just like to write - a whole lot more than I like to talk outloud.

Spending Log:
Wal-Mart: $7.97 ((business supplies)
$3.87 (ointment for dad's finger - will be reimbursed)
Wal-Greens: $2.36 (junkfood)
Papa John's: $9.97 (pizza)

Oi! I spent more money than I realized today. Will have to watch my pennies till Wednesday (payday -next to last check from teaching)

Keeping It Frugal In Texas,

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