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Last Day of Training/First Demo

June 10th, 2005 at 08:01 pm

Today was our last day of training. When I arrived, there were a number of our group standing around outside --smoking of course - and talking about some of their doubts and concerns. Andrew walked by and overheard some of what we were saying and asked what we were talking about. He got a bit upset, and then dissapeared into the building for a few minutes then came back with a whole pile of w-9 forms and independant contractor forms, etc.

Later, he had one of the higher up's come by and talk to us for nearly an hour telling us about how big the company is, etc.
There was a lot of time taken up showing us just how big the company is. One really cool thing was that the Rainbow was mentioned on an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond", only it was called something else, like a Hum Ve.

I didn't get out of the office with my kit until after 5. By the time I got home and got started with my first demo (to my dad) I didn't have much time left before he had to leave. I cut some parts short, but still didn't get through to the very end, so I had to "reschedule" it for Sunday morning. My dad was very impressed with the machine, even though he couldn't afford one. Smile I think the gest part was when I had him vacuum the rug under the dining table 50 times with our regular vacuum, then I vacuumed with the Rainbow two or three times and pulled up a boatload of cat hair and other gunk.

I did pretty well for the first time going through the demo from start to almost finish. I just got really stuck in the middle of the close section, and I couldn't find my phone script for calling into the office. Putting everything back into the box was a pain and a half, and took me almost as long as the whole demo did. I was *so* hungry by the time I had everything cleaned up and put away!

I'm sure after I do this a few more times, I'll be able to pack it more quickly, and also assemble the various things more quickly too. I do need to figure out that closing though, or I might lose actual sales. My next demo isn't till Sunday at 4, so I am going to try to practice a bit between now and then. Maybe do some housecleaning - like cleaning my mattress and pillows. Smile

Oh! I almsot forgot! During lunch today I was looking around in my car, and I saw the copies of the scholarship papers that I had left with Todd on Tuesday. As I was looking at them, I realized that I had forgotten to give him $15 check to go with them! I was *so* embarrassed! I called him and told him that I had *just* realized that I had forgotten to give that to him. He told me to not worry about it, that he had written a check for it. What I can do is drop off a check on Monday on my way from the Monday morning meeting to my mom's house (where I'm doing a demo). That'll be right on the way.

Not much else to write about today. I am so very tired.

Spending Log:
Lunch: $3.01 (grilled cheese, and box of Jr Mints)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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