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Second Day Down!

June 9th, 2005 at 05:29 pm

The morning at work didn't start off very well. I pulled up and saw a number of the people in my class standing outside the building smoking or just standing there. I went over and said Good Morning, and stood for a few moments. Finally the smoke was really getting to me, so I decided to go ahead and go in. Well, unfortunately I didn't double check what door they were standing in front of, and when I tried to open the door, it was locked. The door I wanted was the next one over. I tried to just laugh it off, and I think I would have succeeded, but one of the "ladies" said, "You know I've been out of school for awhile, but I do remember taking a course called "Reading Is Fundamental"." I *really* wanted to ask her if she thought that was necessary, and there was a word that *really* *really* wanted to slip out of my mouth to describe her, but I decided it wasn't worth it.

Later we had our daily "on-time" drawing, and I won a prize! It was the RainMate which is kind of a miniature version of the Rainbow machine. I was pretty happy to get that. We had to have at least 80 appointments set today for Andrew to get lunch for us. We were missing three people, and ended up with only 69. After a bit of hemming and hawing, he decided to go ahead and get pizza for us. Of course I was the only vegetarian in the group, but luckily there was someone who was alergic to salt (so she couldn't eat peporoni or sausage) so we got a cheese pizza for us.

Alot of today felt kind of like wasted time. Andrew would start us off on practicing a part of our demo, then would leave and not be back for an hour or more. Our groups would go through the demos two or three times, and then just kind of sit there yakking waiting to see what to do next. It was a bit frustrating, especially when he (Andrew) would keep saying how we were so far behind schedule. We stayed an extra hour today, and apparantally are back on schedule.

Tomorrow we're going to have a much longer day, but we'll also be leaving with our Rainbow to use in our demo's. If we sell it, we have to go all the way back to the office to pick up another one. That's going to be a bit of a pain. But I really doubt that I'll be selling any this weekend anyway. The demo's this weekend are mainly just for practice - getting my feet wet.

When I got home this evening, I did not feel like getting anything put together for supper. So I told my dad that I'd take him out to eat, if he was willing to hear me say a sentence about my business (so I can write it off). Smile Mom called while we were eating and wanted to know what we were eating, and why I hadn't wanted to make something at home, etc etc. Just being nosy. I wanted to ask her what *she* had eaten all day and *why* she'd eaten whatever she'd eaten! Of course though, I didn't do that. It isn't as though I go out to eat all the time - and even if I did, it really isn't any of her business!

Dad told me something that made me really sad today. He said that his sister Ni (my Aunt) had told him that our little Maltese who is nearly 16 years old is really failing fast. That we might need to really start thinking about letting him go. I really don't want him to be put to sleep without any of his immediate family members there with him, but he's in CA right now. The only person who *could* be there with him is my brother, and the President of the US is probably easier to get in touch with than he is! He really has had a long life - he's lived longer than the normal life expectancy for a Maltese. He's such a good dog. We got him my freshman year of high school - our little Reggie.

I am feeling so tired and just out of sorts. I really hope that I start feeling better soon, cuz I'm going to need a lot of energy to do all the demos and driving.

Spending Log:
Exon: $20.00 (gas and a drink)
Luby's: $13.29 (dad and I supper)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

2 Responses to “Second Day Down!”

  1. sandy Says:

    peporini? apparantally? Seriously? you are a college grad?

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Why, yes. I am a college grad. Not only that, but I have a Master's degree as well. Good thing this is my own personal blog and not something being written for a grade, isn't it?

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