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And the Hunt Begins!

June 6th, 2005 at 07:29 pm

Shortly after getting up this morning, I got out the list of job possibilities which I had written down yesterday. After calling all of them, I was able to easily cross out three of them, two others all I got were answering machines. One of them I have to go by and fill out an application. Another one I have to fax my resume. Two of them I got "interviews" with. All within the space of about 30 minutes. Smile

I went to the first "interview" today. It was for a company that sells an air purification system. Basically there was a group of about 30 people sitting in a room watching a slide presentation on the company and the benefits, while the manager? narrated. The manager? kept reiterating "if" you are selected" bolognie. After about 25 minutes or so, he gave us time to finish filling out our applications, then started taking people out for our "interview". He calls me back finally - 30 seconds and a handshake later I am walking out the door! We were told to call back between 6:30 and 7:00 to find out "if" we were selected. Ooohh, the suspense was killing me -ha ha. Smile Who would'a thunk it? I was one of the ones "selected!"

There are four days of training from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. My second interview (again, a group interview) is on Wednesday, so I figure I'll give this company one day to make me want to work for them. -- To prove to me it's NOT another Fire Secure. One thing I can say though, is that they already are MUCH more organized. Something else, is that they do guarantee a base pay + commision -- I'll have to see more how that works though before I get *too* excited. Also, they *said* that there isn't any cold calling - that everyone we'll deal with are existing customers or people who've expressed interest. Again, time will tell.
I may be wasting my time with this, but then again, maybe I'm not. That would be pretty cool if I found something right out of the barrel. Smile

After the interview I stopped by Todd's office to pick up the scholarship application for the Pathways program. Last night I emailed him and told him that I had decided that I wanted to do the program. The first session is the weekend of July 8-10. I really hope that this program is as good as he says it is. He asked me if it would be okay for him to put his fiance's name down as my sponsor, because she is trying to become a trainee or something - and you have to sponsor so many people. He's already in training to be one of the assistant counselors. -- That would be too weird if he was in one of my groups - though he knows pretty much everything about me.

Dad and I each chipped in $20 for the grocery envelope, and then I went grocery shopping. Albertson's had it's 1/2 gallon milk on sale 10/$10, so I picked up 5 of them. The OJ was also on pretty good sale, so I picked up two of them. Then one of my favorite snacks - green grapes - was on sale for 10lbs/$10 - yummy! Dad had mentioned that he'd like something in the house besides water to drink. I didn't want to get soda, cuz neither one of us needs those empty calories, so I picked up some Langer's Strawberry-Orange blend Juice - on sale for $1.50 (7.3 cents/oz). Most of that should hold us for this week, and into next week. Smile

Oh! Almost forgot! I bought a 4-1 printer/scanner/copier/fax machine today from Circuit City. I was getting very tired of not being able to print anything out, and looked at the cost of replacing the ink (needed black and color) and it turned out that those two inks were only $30 less than the machine I bought. I'd been seriously wanting one for awhile (nearly two years) and I looked at it as more of a $30 purchase (on sale, and after mail-in rebate). Smile I like it very much - just have to figure out how to have my DSL, phone, and fax all in the same phone jack.

Well, I guess I better go get that application filled out. Todd needs it tomorrow, so I'll be dropping it by his office after training is over.

Spending Log:
4-1 Printer: $101.32 (with tax)
Albertsons: $25.08
Exon (Gas): $10.00 (~5 gallons)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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