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Rook, Racko, and Danish Pancakes

March 13th, 2005 at 08:31 pm

This morning my dad and I went shopping at Kroger's. We were both armed with an individual list of items that we each had coupons for. I gave my Dad a $10 bill to cover his list. Then we went shopping. We checked out in different lanes (I did the self-checkout - dad doesn't like them.) Between the two of us, we bought 2 Brawny Napkin boxes, 2 Smart Balances, 2 Smart Beats, 2 Sparkle Paper Towel Rolls, 3 lbs bananas, 2 100ct Baking Cups, 2 cans Vege Refried Beans, 1 Toaster Strudel, 2 4 ct pkgs of Angel Soft, plus some other stuff I can't remember right off. Total cost between our two orders? Less than $8.00. I love coupons! Smile

After we were done shopping we put the groceries away and were on our way to my mom's. My dad showed me a new way to get to her house. I think it is quite a bit shorter. Wink On the way there we got a call from my mom. She told us to get a C*** paper. My dad had made the front cover top fold, with a picture and everything. We stopped and picked one up. They spelled the last name right, but misspelled his middle name, as well as getting several facts completely wrong. Yup, there'll be no chance of me sellng anything in C*** now. Frown

At mom's I did my laundry while we ate pancakes and played two games of 3-handed Rook, and a couple hours worth of
Racko. I could play games for hours and hours on end. Smile Smile Mom suggested that dad live in one of the bedrooms, and I live in the other one. This was of course AFTER telling us in excuisite detail about her new bf. Umm. .. yeah, mom. Your ex-husband is REALLY going to want to live in the same house as you while you're entertaining your bf. EEK!

When we finally got out of there and got back to my place, I put my laundry away and put my dishes away (I'd run the dishwasher in the morning.) Then we went to see the movie "National Treasure" at the dollar theatre. It was WAY good! Smile

Well, I have a doctor's appt at 9am tomorrow, so I better head off to bed. After that I hope to get a lot of decluttering done.

Spending Log:
Kroger's 1: $2.10 (dad's list)
Kroger's 2: $5.59 (my list)

Movie (dad's treat)

Total: $7.69 (17 items)

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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