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Ceiling Leaks and Wearing Out Shoes

January 31st, 2005 at 07:21 pm

Well, today was my first no spend day for February. Only 11 more to go. Smile I had to go my apartment manager's office to pay my rent (I'm not including mandatory bills in the spending) as well as to check on what they're doing about the leak in my kitchen. The manager's place is really NEAR Wal-mart and I was so tempted to go and get another box of those Sunbelt Granola Bars - they're so yummy, and so inexpensive (compared to other brands) but I controlled myself - reminded myself I had a panful of brownies sitting at home for free. Smile

My apartment manager told me the maintenance person had been in my place the other day (Friday) and had fixed my upstairs toilet. Apparently he thought that that was what was leaking into my kitchen. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case, cause IT"S STILL LEAKING! There's a nice? foot long crack on the ceiling in the middle of my kitchen. Last night when I was cooking, I kinda half-jokingly wondered to myself what my food would taste like with ceiling particles mixed in. Ugh! Supposedly they'll be sending someone out again tomorrow. On top of that, with all the rain we've had this weekend, I discovered a new leak - of course, again, in my kitchen - somewhere on the window frame. I looked all over it and couldn't figure out where it is coming in from, but the mini blinds are dripping water, and my counter gets an unintentional bath every time a rainstorm passes through.

I think my work shoes have just about had it. Today when I was in Kroger's getting some freebies (with coupons of course) it almost felt like my sole was flopping. I checked, and it was still intact, but I have the feeling I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and buy some new shoes. The thing I hate the most about new shoes are the blisters on my heels. I think I bought these at Payless for $8 back a year or so ago October? The shoes I had before these were REALLY shot - my mom saw me wearing them to work and told me that either I go get myself a new pair of shoes, or she would! That motivated me, cuz she knows I don't like her spending money (which she LOVES to do - let's just say I didn't learn frugalness from her.) The other thing I hate about buying new shoes, especially for work, is finding ones that I like, and that have both a closed toe and closed heel (and that are black - go with anything).

According to the weather report we might get snow on Wednesday - if we do that will more than likely mean no school - yay! Although if we don't have school then, we'll probably have to make up for it on President's Day and lose a long weekend - boo! 75 school days to go. Today was one of those days when I was really wishing it was more like ZERO days to go!

One of the problems with having the school in the same building as the church, especially when you have two students who are pastor's kids, was run into today. One of my four boys, who generally is pretty good, but can be a bit of a handful as well at times, got his name put on the board as a warning. After I sent the kids back to their seats for writing, he asked to go to the bathroom. I told him sure. Apparently he went to his dad's office and told him that he'd gotten his name on the board and didn't understand why. His dad comes down to my room and asks me about this. I told him that the boys sometimes have a tendancy to feed off of each other, and that he, along with others, had been verbally warned umpteen times, and that if he truly didn't understand WHY his name was written then he should have asked me and I would have been more than happy to explain. Ok, that wasn't exactly what I said to him - though I don't care about reemployment here for next year, I don't exactly want to have to deal with unnecessary parent problems if I don't have to. I've had this parent's older daughter in my room a couple years ago, and she was a nice girl most of the time, but could give some real attitude - but I don't recall any of the pastor's kids or principal's kids or other teacher's kids that I've taught over the years running to their mommy or daddy because they got their name on the board! Shoot! When I was a kid and I got my name on the board (or got reprimanded), I sure wouldn't want to run into my dad's office and TELL him (he was a pastor) that would just be asking for a whipping first, questions later.

Anyway, this has gotten longer than I was planning on. Need to get a shower and to bed.

Oh yeah, I had the some of the lasgana for lunch today. It was really yummy - except the top layer of noodles was a little bit hard in a few places. I didn't have the exact size pan, so some of the noodles were a bit on top of each other. I think I'll have to invest in some different size pans.

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