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Cooking Up a Storm

January 30th, 2005 at 07:51 pm

I got my laundry done today. It took a bit longer than usual because I had to wait for a second washer to open up. I will be SO glad to not have to use a laundromat anymore. The only good thing about laundromats is that you can get several loads washed at once (unless everybody is using them!)

After going home and putting my laundry away, my good friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go see "Racing Stripes" with her and her two children. I told her sure - she had also said that it was at a $1 theatre and that she was going to treat me (which is the only reason I didn't protest when she said she'd treat me.) Well, I had enough time before the movie to get about an hour's work done in my classroom. Then we went to the movie. Turned out it WASN'T a $1 theatre, but she wouldn't let me pay my share. So I got to enjoy a really sweet, funny movie with my best friend and two of my favorite kids for free. Smile

After the movie I drove to the Kroger's that has a gas station so I could use my $4 gas coupon. I earned that a few weeks ago when the Morningstar coupons came out (and they were on sale) and I got a bunch of coupons from my Coupon Club - so ended up with 10 boxes for $1.50 each, plus a $4 gas coupon. Everywhere else gas was $1.79, but at Kroger's it was $1.81, but then they take off $.03/gallon if you use your card. So I filled my tank up for $14 (was 1/4 full) and only paid $10. That'll last me till next payday (the 15th). I also went in and did all my non-coupon shopping, as well as getting the double paper.

When I got home I decided that I was going to make the Aebleskeber's for my student whom I'd promised I would because she couldn't come to my party. I also decided to make a "no boil" lasagna, and since the oven would be heated, also make another batch of brownies. I didn't have any buttermilk, so I added some white vinegar to regular milk (I read that tip somewhere). The Aebleskeber's turned out as good as ever. I also only made a half-batch, enough for me to eat for supper, and then a few to take for my student tomorrow. That really was pretty easy, and I think I might do it again. I don't make them for myself very often because a full batch makes SO many of them - but a half-batch is just right (they don't taste as good reheated.)

My internet connection was acting up again tonight, and Desperate Housewives was a rerun, so I actually finished reading the book "Every Inch of Her." Wowsers, that was such a good book. The author's written some other books and I'm planning on checking if the library has them.

Spending Log:
$18.27 --
Kroger's -- groceries (applesauce(5), potatoes(5lb), bananas(7), broccoli(1lb), mozzrella, OJ, batteries(2 4 pks), dbl newspaper, sliced cheese, frozen pizza ($1)

Gas (Kroger's) - $10.00

Total Spending: $28.27

Gas/Groceries for February: $28.27
No Spend Days: 0

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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