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A no spend kind of day :)

January 29th, 2005 at 07:17 pm

I woke up this morning just NOT feeling like getting up. So, I turned over and about two hours later I woke again and decided to get up. I was planning on going to early service, but by the time I finally got going, I wasn't even going to make it for second service. After my late night I guess my body just needed the rest.

I really didn't do much of anything today. Spent WAY too much time on the computer. Read some more in a book I got from the library called "Every Inch of Her." It's really good, I might try to finish it tonight.

I did do a dishwasher load full of dishes. Something really weird though is that I am missing two glasses of a set. I know *I* didn't break any, and I haven't seen any stray glasses. The ONLY thing I can come up with is that when my kids were here for the party a few weeks ago that they broke two of my glasses - but I don't think I even gave out any of that set. Strange, really strange.

I also did a trashrun. Cleaned out and rearranged my fridge and my freezer. Cleaned out my kitty's litter box. Emptied out and rearranged the top shelf of my pantry.

Then I got my February page set up in my Excel Spreadsheet. I was looking at some of the places where my money went in January and wasn't too happy with some of the trends I saw. About 40% of my food budget was spent on not very nutritious selections. I also haven't followed through on any of my exercise plans. The Chicometrics video I purchased at the beginning of January still hasn't even been played ONCE!

I'm going to be moving in four months. I really need to start decluttering, as well as packing as much non-essentials as possible. I told one of my colleagues who is having a garage sale in a few weeks, that if he gets someone else to help him, he can have my lemon of a w/d unit (washer doesn't work, dryer does) as well as my roll-top desk. Both items are just taking up space, and I'd rather not have to move them or store them. I hope he takes me up on it, cuz I checked out how much it would cost to have someone come in and move the items for me - $75+ !!

Spending Log:
Today: $0.00
Total No Spend Days for January: 8

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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