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My Potentially Unfrugal Adventure

January 28th, 2005 at 09:49 pm

Well, this morning I informed the staff at worship that I would not be returning next year. They expressed quite a bit of surprise - especially with having just been told that our principal will also not be back. Change isn't always fun or welcome. I was actually pleasantly surprised a bit at the reaction.

This evening after Bible study, I had such a huge craving for onion rings and for ice cream. Well, there is a BK on my way home, so I stopped at the Drive Thru. I got the onion rings, but couldn't get a milkshake because they stop serving shakes after 10 (it was about 10 after.) So, I decided to stop at a gas station on my way home. I go in and get my ice cream, checkout, and then go out to my car to get in. Hey?! Where's my keys? They aren't in my coat pockets. They aren't in my purse. They aren't in my jeans pockets. They aren't on the counter in the store. Arghh!! They are in the ignition of my car!

Since I know myself pretty well, I have made it a point to never be without Roadside Service coverage - it only costs $12 a year, but it has more than paid for itself numerous times over the years. I went inside the store and used their phone to call Geico. After waiting for 15 minutes I finally get on with a real person, and they get a call out to the local Pop-a-Lock place. They give me a time estimate of 45 minutes or less. Maybe 10 minutes later a guy walks in the door and says, "Laura?" I'm quite startled because I was settling in for a long wait. He's quite cute actually Smile and quite friendly, and his name is Larry. Smile He got my car open for me lickety split, I signed the paperwork, and was off into the wild blue yonder. (Oh, he complimented me on my sunny personality. Hee hee.)

So, what could have cost me $30 or more, didn't cost me anything except a little bit of melted ice cream - all because I had the foresight to keep my Roadside Assistance. Smile Of course, the best ounce of prevention would be for me to get my spare key BACK into my purse for the next occasion of "Laura Locks Her Keys in The Car" which usually occurs two or three times a year.

All in all, quite the interesting day (as well as much longer than planned on!)

Spending Log:
$10.44 -- Wal-greens (developing film - pictures of students)
$ 4.94 -- Taco Bell (7-layer, corn on cob, empanada)
$ 3.15 -- Burger King (BK Veggie, Onion Rings)
$ 3.24 -- Gas Station (Pint of Ice Cream, Coke, Snickers)
$ 1.07 -- Kroger's (Angel Soft TP -Free w/coupon; Pepsi)
$ 1.00 -- Bake Sale at school
Total Spent Today: $23.84 --- Ugh, it really was an unfrugal day anyway.

Grocery Total for January: $144.30

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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