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A new watch

January 25th, 2005 at 05:53 pm

My watch stopped working a week ago Friday. It was one I'd gotten from Wal-mart for $7 last July (I think). I was a bit bummed because the last watch I'd had lasted me for almost two years (another Wal-mart watch). I'm pretty hard on watches, and up till the last two have either ended up losing my watch or having the wristband break on me. So anyway, as a teacher it's pretty difficult to get around without a wristwatch. Somehow I fuddled my way through without one - using my classroom clock and my timer. Today I had to go to Wal-Mart for a couple packages of the 100Grand candy bars (tomorrow is our 100th day celebration). So while I was there, I also picked up a new watch. I couldn't find one like my previous one, but so far I think I like it - and it was again only $7. It'll sure be nice to have a watch again. Smile

When I first got my cart going into Wal-Mart I noticed that there was some trash on the bottom of the cart, but I didn't take too much notice of it. But, when I got back out to my car and took my bag out, I took a closer look. Amoungst the trash were two really cute key rings with the price still attatched to them! I was pretty surprised I didn't set off the electronic scanner thing. I had parked pretty far away (something I do to try to force a bit of exercise) and didn't really want to go all the way back. But I decided that returning the key rings was more important than me not wanting to walk a few extra hundred yards and back. There was a man putting stickers on things when you walked in (to show that you'd already paid for them) so I just walked over to him and explained what happened, then left. I bet that was a pleasant surprise for him. Smile

This morning during worship I found out that my principal let the school board know last night that she won't be returning next year. I wasn't too surprised becuase of some things we've talked about over the past few months - especially after I told her that *I* wasn't wanting to come back. It's really too bad because she (I think) is a major part of the reason that our staff is so cohesive and the program is going so well. One or two staff members changing each year can be incorporated, but a key figure like her will be much harder. I'm doubly glad now that I made the decision to leave. I really hope for the sake of my friend and coworker that the group dynamics don't change drastically with whomever the new principal is. In the 8 years that I've taught I've had 5 different principals - this one for the past three years - and I can say without a doubt, that she was the best of the bunch by far!

Ok, on to spending log -- will have to update my Excell Log.
Total Spent today:
$6.96 -- Watch
$3.68 -- 2 pkgs 100Grand Candy Bars (for 100th day)
-- 1 box Sun Belt Granola Bars (mmm mmm!)
$0.75 -- 1 20 oz Cherry Coke

No Spend Days in January: 6
Grocery Money (includes paper products, cat food, etc) -- $128.66
-- This is a bit over budget, but also included here is $12 I spent on party foods for my students - which they actually contribuited $15 (total) towards, plus I bought two new laundry hampers from Wal-greens (hoping they'll last as long as the one I bought from Wal-mart did 8 years ago!).

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

(Also can't wait for the new NYPD Blue tonight - only 6 more to go - WAH!!!)

1 Responses to “A new watch”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    a thought about watches - I used to do the same thing. I was really hard on mine and the bands ALWAYS broke, and I'd end up losing them. I decided to get a nicer one with a stretchy metal band from JcPenney..it was probably $30 but well worth it. I find I take better care of it, it has lasted me several years, and I've never come close to losing it. I think it really depends on what you do all day...if you are using heavy machinery or constantly have your hands in playdoh, it might not be practical to have a nice silver watch, but if you're at a desk most of the day, it might make sense!

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