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Monday, Monday - why do I have to get out of bed?

January 24th, 2005 at 07:29 pm

Ugh! I did not like having to get up earlier than normal today. It sure didn't help that I was awoken in the middle of the night once by a wonderful leg cramp, and another time by my lovely little darlin' cat!

Anyway, I somehow managed to scrimp through the day with no lesson plans done - that is one of the nice things about having taught the same grade/subjects for a long time - you can continue it without too much thought. I took some Advil Allergy/Sinus med before work though. I'd taken it several different times last week with no side affects. But today - oh me oh my - I was like the zombie queen. I have worship this week and my principal asked me if I was going to fall off the stool (the room we have worship in has a nice tall stool you can sit on).

I had decided a while ago to cancel my whole life insurance. I got it two years ago when my dad was working for New York Life - mainly to help him out. Since then just about everything I've read has said how it isn't a great way to go - and also if you're single with no dependants that it really is foolish. I'm not sure I'm going to stay without any - I am checking into term - at my age I can still get it for fairly inexpensive. I was paying $38/month for a 50K policy, and found some 30yr term for 300K for $23/month. Right now I don't have any kids (or a husband for that matter -lol!) but if I wait till that happens (yeah, if it ever happens) then the cost will be a whole bunch more - especially if I somehow get sick with some disease (diabetes, etc).
So, anyway, today I finally went ahead and canceled it. I'll be getting my whole $48 in cash value back. WooHoo! :roll eyes:

I also canceld my Blockbuster Online membership. I signed up for it for the free trial. I still have the same three DVD;s they sent me sitting unwatched. They were ones I wanted to watch - and yes, I have had time to watch them, but . . . I just haven't been in the mood to watch movies recently. So, I figured that this probably won't work out to be a good deal for me. One thing I regret though is that I could have gotten to see whole seasons of tv shows without having to buy the collections (and store them!) But at the rate I was going at, I'd end up paying $5+ per movie because the one movie would sit in my house for a month or more - I can get a better deal just by going to the videostore itself, or the library, when the mood has hit me!

I also called ING and had them close my extra accounts and transfer the money to my CF account. Before I restructured my financial plan I had 12 different sub accounts at ING - now they are down to two. Smile Customer service there was very helpful. Once the guy realized that I wanted to close all the accounts with balances less than $5, he was like, hey, I can do that for you without you having to read off all the account numbers one by one! Thank you ING! Smile Wink

Well, since I got such an early start to today (and not much of a rest at that) I think I'll catch my z's a bit early.

Spending Log:
Today: $0.00 --- 6 No Spend Days for January! Yeah!

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