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Car Maintance

January 20th, 2005 at 07:06 pm

This afternoon when I got home my DSL was still giving me fits and caboodles. So I finally called the tech line. There was a recorded message saying that there'd been some connection problems somewhere in OK. Well, after I hung up I tried again, and lo and behold - it worked! Ya hoo!

So I called City Garage about the 60K checkup. They quoted me $395 for the whole deal. Then I called the Honda dealer. At first they quoted me $385, but then when I told them I'd gotten my oil changed and tires rotated last week, that took $50 off - so $345. So tomorrow morning I'm going to go the dealer and drop off my car, take their complimentary shuttle to work, then come back to a fine tuned car. Smile I also asked about my timing belt - if it needed changing. The guy told me that for Civics its usually either 6 yrs or 90K miles. I told him that it's a 97, but only has 72K. He kinda backtracked and said that I could probably wait another 15K miles or another year or so.

I made it through two days with no spending - so no need to update my spreadsheet. Smile Tomorrow though is going to be a spend spend day - between my car and the double dollar day at Albertsons -- woooh! Smile

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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