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Still Kicking

October 17th, 2016 at 06:17 pm

So, it's been about 9 days since my last entry. It's been busy and tiring and stressful ...

But ... I'm still doing well with no soda, and fairly well with the DD. Almost finished with week 3 of Stepbet.

Last week I had several pizza indulgences which I think my system did not like at all. Hence being sicker than I have been in a long time this weekend. I'm only now really recovering.

I've told DH I want to lay off on any pizza for a good while. And cheese. Not sure if it was the cheese, the grease, the white flour, or bad pineapple topping ...

I hadn't really wanted pizza the last time, but DH *really* wanted it, so I gave in. Ugh.

We were going to go to Denver on Sunday for a car, but DH didn't get enough sleep, so we scrapped the idea. I was so glad because I really didn't feel like driving there and back in one day. At all.

I just wish a car would magically appear within an hours or less drive that was PERFECT for what he wants.. So this car search would be over.

This coming Sunday DHs work is having a 2015 Christmas party ... catered by Outback Steakhouse. Yuck. DH actually wants to go (to the first part at least - second part is a party bus - double yuck.) So ... I'll eat something before we go and see if they have some kind of non-alcoholic non-soda drink ... dreaming, right? Smile (water of course ...)

The following Sunday I have 3 - 4 hours of overtime at work putting new schedules on the buses, and then I'm volunteering at a local church event celebrating world food cultures. That's going to be a long day.

Last week I went out to IHOP by myself, and then I went and saw Sully. I really needed an evening out.
(I liked Sully, although there were parts of it I was going ... come on already! Part of it may be that it was pretty late and I was tired though ...)

DH and I had a pretty frank health discussion. He told me that he pretty much has decided to not really make any changes in his habits yet ... because he has time. My insisting/nagging/conjoling him to at least try something different obviously would not work ...

He also told me he'd rather take a pill than do a diet change.

So ... I guess that's it then. I can't force him to do anything. Sigh.

So ... today I found a job possibility with the city ... pays $2.50/hour more. Same hours. Working at the public library - doing some of what I do now, but adding in a lot more MS Office type work. Not a librarian position (those all require weekends, which I can't do.)

So ... I'm applying.

I don't know how I'd get off for an interview if it came to that. The next two months both of the people who cover my responsibilities when I'm gone will one or the other be gone more than they're here.

I guess if it's meant to be, it'll work itself out. the money sure would come in handy.

15 Responses to “Still Kicking”

  1. snafu Says:

    RX requires I avoid alcohol so purposely choose a non alcoholic version of one of the tomato juice, clamato juice, iced tea or OJ, tall glass type drinks. It's easier to avoid being cajled to drink or worse having other guests bring me wine or cocktails as a gesture of kindness.

    Wishing you well in the competition for the new posting. Sorry DH remains unwilling to step up and take better care of his health. He'll likely take baby steps in the future, when he's ready, meanwhile he has a long history of habits he's reluctant to change. Lately I've noticed that people I've always seen as 'flexible' show themselves to be incredibly resistant to the teeniest changes. For example....Canadians recently celebrated Thanksgiving and I changed my 'traditional' menu a titch. Set off a maelstrom...whaaat!

  2. Kiki Says:

    Fingers crossed for the applicatin!

  3. alice4now Says:

    Good luck with the potential job, a raise would come in handy with a new house! It's a shame DH chooses to gamble with his health, we never really know how much time we have before health problems are not easily fixed. At least you are keeping up with your health goals, with time he may decide to adopt some of those habits!

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I really wanted to see Sully too. Hope you're back to your healthy self soon!

  5. PNW Mom Says:

    I'm sorry to hear about your DH not taking action regarding his health. I hope he realizes that once you start having major problems with diabetes 2, you cannot reverse them....such as neuropathy and eye problems. He will likely end up a type 1 on insulin. He may think he has time, but in the end, it's just going to be worse for him.

    Hope you hear some good news on the job front!

  6. snafu Says:

    Off topic... As a new home owner, wondered about Halloween expectations. Do the neighbours decorate their entry/yards? Will you distribute goodies for kiddies? Have neighbours indicated time frame and how much to buy? Is it reasonable to have a friend join you to help with pets and door duty if DH is working?

    Will you and DH do something special to celebrate 6 month anniversary?
    You'd mentioned wanting to do something to make your house reflect you both and wondered what ideas you are considering.

  7. SecretarySaving Says:

    I hope you can make it to the interview and get the job! It sounds like its up your alley and the extra in pay would be nice.

  8. rob62521 Says:

    Hope the potential job works out.

    Sorry DH doesn't want to make some changes. I know it is hard, but a few things here and there can make big difference. I'm overweight and I fight a few things, but exercising and eating more healthily have really made a difference in my health.

    I don't drink alcoholic drinks and often have water or tea since I don't do soda either. I'm not real sure what fun it is in getting drunk, but lots of folks seem to like it. My mom was an alcoholic and she had horrible hang overs, but it never seemed to stop her from drinking.

  9. My English Castle Says:

    Agreed that people change when they want to. Ii signed all of us for a Couch to 5K program--and after years of doing nothing, DH is now running 4+ times a week. But he had to decide to do it. I like the idea of the library job--and hope your tummy feels better!

  10. Jenn Says:

    Please don't let DH's decisions negatively impact your resolve to be healthier. You have been doing so well! Maybe when he sees your progress, it'll make him rethink his strategy. But if not, you won't be sorry that you made course corrections while you were young enough to have long term impact.

    Good luck on the job opportunity! If needed, you can ask the prospective employer for some lead time for the interview to let your employer know that you have a "critical personal appointment". They can deal with it.

  11. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks everyone.

    Snafu - I asked DH if they served anything like that. Nope. That's too bad about your dinner.

    We've put up some fall decorations, but we'll be gone Halloween working (DH) or volunteering (me.)

    DH doesn't put any importance on monthaversaries. The "Christmas" party is the day before ... so I guess that's how we're celebrating.

    Alice - I sure hope he does - before it's too late.

    PNW - He has it in his head that the big issues don't come up til you've had it twenty plus years ...

    Rob - I've never seen the fun in it either.

    The changes I've made haven't made much of a difference yet. If they were, it might be easier to sway DH ...

    MEC - That's a great program! Are you guys signing up for a 5k soon?

    Jenn - I will admit it does make me want to say - oh, I haven't had a heart attack yet, so I may as well keep eating donuts and Little Debbies and loads of chocolatey goodness, etc., and just sit on my butt all day - then once I have the heart attack, I'll make the changes. ... that worked for my grandma ... but not so well for my dad.

    But I'm not going to say that or do that. Someday my efforts will hopefully bring back my energy and good chol, numbers. Someday.

  12. LuckyRobin Says:

    I know how hard it can be when you spouse doesn't want to change or isn't supportive of the changes you are trying to make. Before my husband came to it on his own, which felt like it took forever, I found I had to learn to be very selfish when it came to my health. My food and my exercise time had to become a priority because if it didn't it would fall by the wayside. I had to narrow my focus to me. So I'll make healthy food for all of us and if they want crap they have to make it themselves. I'll go exercise and they can come with me or not, but if they aren't ready when its time for me to leave for my class they get left behind. I won't rearrange things for them. I can't afford to with all of my health issues.

  13. PatientSaver Says:

    Trader Joe's and other supermarkets sell an Amy's brand vegan pizza which I've always thought was pretty good for frozen pizza. There is no cheese but it does have artichokes, peppers and other stuff.

  14. PatientSaver Says:

    And actually, diabetes is a lifestyle disease and CAN be reversed. There's a great deal been written on that topic:


  15. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks LR - That's basically what I've decided to do. Focus on my health, and if he comes along later, great. If not ... well that's his choice to make.

    PS - I just wish those pizzas weren't so expensive! I've sent DH that link before. He didn't watch it.

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