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DD 14 - Cooking disaster and other fun

September 18th, 2016 at 04:57 pm

I had my first real test today regarding soda... DH got a Mountain Dew from Runza while we were out looking at car lots. I was thirsty, but I had water with me. Not even a sip. Smile

So today is going to be difficult to assess.

This morning when I got back from my walk, I didn't want to just make a smoothie. I wanted something a little different. So I decided to make "ice cream" using my usual smoothie ingredients, except less liquid and more cacao powder.

Unfortunately. I way overdid the cacao powder and no matter what I added, I couldn't get rid of the bitter taste. I managed to eat maybe half of it, one painful spoonful at a time.

Like my husband likes to say - Laura, taste and add, taste and add. Ugh.

My great northern beans turned out pretty good I think. 25 minutes in te Instant Pot. Smile My hummus is ok, but I really need to find my food processor so I can make it smoother/creamier.

Another disaster - I put a spaghetti squash in the IP to cook for 6 minutes. When I cut it open, I realized it needed more time. But .... the outlet isn't working anymore! I tried resetting it, but did no good.

Hopefully when DH wakes, he can figure it out.

I have tofu "steaks" marinading right now, and probably should get the veggies in the oven for roasting.

I would have gotten more done today, but DH woke around 11 and wanted to go around the car lots. A ride with DH is much more appealing than cleaning. Smile

We found one vehicle he liked, but it didn't have a price tag. I'm betting it'll be way out of our price range. We'll see I guess.

3 Responses to “DD 14 - Cooking disaster and other fun”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    LOL at the smoothie story! And also, "Oh well." Big Grin

    Reminds me of one of the first smoothies I ever made. I wanted it creamy and I knew vegan ice cream was made with soy, so I thought I'd add tofu to it. Then I thought to make it extra freezy like ice cream, I'd freeze the tofu first. Um, have you ever frozen tofu and seen what happens to it?!? I hadn't at that point in my life. Grainiest, chewiest "smoothie" I ever tasted.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    You learned something with that smoothie...bet you will heed the taste and add advice. Smile

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I had my own cooking fail last night so can sympathis with you! Last night we had a carrot and quarter of a cauliflower left over so I thought I would turn it into soup. I found a recipe, roasted the vegetables as it said and then it said to put the vegetables in the food processor with stock and water. We don't have a food processor so I had some pasta left over too so just added it to the soup. Well roasted vegetables in a soup are very different to plain old vegetables!! It was like putting my roast dinner in water. Ugh! I've frozen another batch of it, so next time plan on defrosting it and putting it all in the blender to crush it into a creamy soup. We learn from our mistakes Smile.

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