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Monday Update

May 8th, 2006 at 08:19 pm

My focus today was on my bedroom. There really wasn't much to do, because I had picked up quite a bit of stuff yesterday. Hmmm. .. neat concept - picking up stuff and putting it away as you go makes less work later. Smile

I also sifted out that cat litter.

Dad stopped by and we went out to supper at Jason's Deli. He and I took the trash out (there were a number of empty boxes.) Then he took my vcr/dvd combo so he can record Scrubs for me tomorrow night (I'm Tivo'ing the "Bird Flu" movie) and the Survivor finale on Sunday (West Wing finale and Desperate Housewives will be Tivo'd.)

Tomorrow I am going back to the Map Library with Sh. I'll be spending the whole day there. Smile One of the company's owner's daughters is on vacation from college (maybe summer break?) and she's going to take care of the phones. I was kept pretty busy today trying to get anything done that might come up tomorrow, today. Smile

Watched the Series finale of 7th Heaven tonight. Wow. Words can hardly describe how bad it was. Ya know, "it was so bad, it was almost good" kind of thing? Everwood was really, really good too. I *hope* that it gets renewed so I get to enjoy more Ephram and Bright and Patch and Rose and Treat next year. Too many of my shows are leaving me. Frown Ok, /tvaholic.

Got another $10 today from an ING referral. Mmmm .. . I love free money. Smile

Did my weight training today. Tomorrow I *will* do Pilates.

No spending today. Smile

Dad brought me the coupon inserts from Sunday's paper. Our Smart Source didn't have the Morningstar coupon in it, so I am very glad I didn't go out and buy a paper just for that. There are a couple other good ones (the Red Barron pizza and the Eggbeater ones) but tomorrow night at the Coupon Club I should be able to get more than enough of those.



1 Responses to “Monday Update”

  1. markio26 Says:

    we watched ace vintura and pretty woman today.... it brought back so many memories of how we reacted years ago, when we first viewed the movies... we laughed so hard watching ace... and pretty woman was really great because i love richard geere...
    my sunday plain dealer was full of coupons, v, ss, and p&g
    we don't have tivo.. but i did tape david blaine tonite on the vhs tape for son to watch.

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