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July 2nd, 2005 at 08:05 am

Last night dad and I talked with my mom and her fiance and finalized our agreement for us to move into the house on Monday. Her fiance was being a bit of an arse about the weedeater and blower which dad very nicely asked for the use of so he could make the house presentable again (which were really supposed to *stay* with the house in the first place!) Oh well, at least that part of my life is finalized.

Dad and I went on a box hunt yesterday afternoon. We found a whole load of boxes at Wal-mart. I had packed maybe 20 boxes or so in the apartment, so after we got the new boxes up there, Dad and I took the packed boxes to his GMC Jimmy. He's going to take them to the storage place. I had a bit of a mishap with the last box. It was full of Danish Plates so it couldn't be taken down by the dolly. I was almost to the very bottom (thought I *was* on the bottom!) and ended up slipping in my bare feet on the last step, landing *hard* on my bum, and dropping the box. Luckily my pride was hurt more than my body or the dishes. Frown

As far as Scott and I .... Well, if I end up going to NE, I will be going with the idea in mind totally that he and I will *just* be friends. I already know several other people in that area whom I also think will make good friends. If something else were to happen with Scott, I wouldn't be opposed to it, but certainly won't be counting on it.

Yesterday I got my very last paycheck from my teacher contract. It was a little bit sad, but I'm still glad of the decision I made. I am a little bit worried about how all this extra moving and upheaval is going to affect the longevity of my financial cushion. I planeed on it lasting me at least six months - even 8 or 9 months if I was very careful. I've had a LOT of unexpected expenses come up - and see in the future a LOT of expenses I wasn't counting on.

I know it's foolish to do this, but I've been putting some of the big ticket items on my credit card rather than paying them with cash. One big ticket item was my share of my last doctor's visit. They did a number of tests that I wasn't aware of them doing, which shot the cost way up. I ended up having to pay $350!!! I guess that's better than what I would have had to pay w/o insurance (which is where I am now - as of July 1, no more insurance). I also didn't get a very good scholarship amount to the first part of Pathways (coming up this next weekend) so I had to put the balance on my CC of nearly $400.

I guess I'm wanting to hold onto my cash as long as possible - even if it means I have to pay finance charges for the "priveledge". I know that's backward thinking - but I guess for me right now, the security of seeing the cash balances in my various accounts outweighs the nastiness of finance charges.

It's a beautiful day today. I'm thinking about going to the Botanical Gardens and taking a book and a blanket (if the grounds not too muddy). Then of course I need to get some more packing done.

I hate my weight. I've gained 5 lbs just in the last week. I'm not even sure why. I haven't been eating that much more, and I've even done some really good exercise a few times. If this doesn't stop, I'm not going to be able to fit into any of my work appropriate clothing. Frown

Oh well, enough ballyhooing. Better get a start on the day.

Hope ya'll have a beautiful, sunshiny Saturday.


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