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Tried on Mrs. Clause suit today ...

November 30th, 2011 at 06:28 pm

This Saturday I'm going to be playing Mrs. Clause at our community dinner. I'll be handing the gifts to the multitudes of community children who come. It's supposed to snow Friday and Saturday ... but irregardless, we will have crowds of people show up.

Today one of the mission staff brought me my costume. It really goes all out -- down to even the little glasses (which really are a bit too small for my head ... I hope I don't break them!)I look ... interesting in it. I need to figure out how to wear the wig properly - didn't look quite right. Smile

I think I may want to wear long johns under it - but all I have are pink. I'm not sure if they'd show through the white nightgowny dress and petticoat or not. Will have to ruminate on it.

A Catholic school in Chicago who have sent groups of volunteers here previously, made 205 blankets for our school. We've lost around 20 students from the beginning of the year, so we had enough blankets for all the teachers, staff and students. I chose a pink one with hula dancing monkey's in honor of my late cat Monkey. I'd have preferred blue, but pink is good. Smile


I sure got a good workout in this afternoon! Today was our second day (of 4) of getting ready for the community dinner. We had two truckloads of boxes arrive (after the two that came yesterday, and another should arrive tonight or tomorrow.)The men had unloaded all the boxes into the foyer of the chapel where we needed to set up a shoe "store". So all those boxes needed to be moved out into the gym. Guess who moved 90% of the boxes? Big Grin Much preferred to sorting out what was in the boxes and taking it to the proper tables. I got some big accolades from the K teacher - she told me she thought I was a very hard worker. Gotta do what it takes to get the job done, right? Smile

Remember how I said I wouldn't spend any more money on books ... unless it was paid for by gift cards? Well ... I spent my giftcard today (from mypoints.) One of my 7th grade girls told me she'd really like some anime books and also Maus. Well ... I'd considered getting Maus (as well as Persopolis) for the library before, but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in it. As for the Manga/Anime, I wasn't sure if there were any appropriate titles. The majority of them have more mature themes than what the American society generally deems acceptable for young teens. --- So I sent the question out to my librarian listserve - most people who responded asked for a HIT, but a couple gave me some good ideas.

I ended up buying Maus, Persopolis, and the first three Legend of Zelda books (and something else too I think - Ranger's Apprentice bk 1). I told the student I had ordered them, and she seemed quite happy. I imagine they will be popular with more than just her - at least I hope so.

I have a bit less than $5 left of giftcard money.


I was approved for the Judy Freeman seminar in Albuquerque in January!! If anyone is in the area then, let me know. Big Grin I'm getting to stay at a pretty nice hotel the night before. When I put the request in, I thought the hotel cost $100/night, but I found out today when I made my reservation that with the group discount, it is only $79/night. More than I would spend on a hotel, but I don't mind it if someone else is covering!! (The money that covers this is Title 1 money. If it doesn't get spent (specifically on seminars and conferences) it is lost.)

I'll have to stop at Target on my way back again -- the only place I've found here that carries Morningstar corn dogs. Big Grin


Today I had my fifth grade girls do a book scavenger hunt. The fifth grade class as a whole is probably the worst offenders in creating havoc on the shelves. So I made up four lists of ten books that they had to find within fifteen minutes. One each list, three of the books were misplaced in one way or another. (shelved on the wrong shelf, shelved with the spine facing the wrong way, haphazardly laid across some books several shelves away, etc.) When the girls came back to the table at the end of the time, I asked them what they thought the point of the game was. One of them piped up right away, "So that we know we need to put the books back properly!" Don't you just love it when they get it? Big Grin We'll have to wait and see if it has any kind of a lasting effect on them.

2 Responses to “Tried on Mrs. Clause suit today ...”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    You get a lot of variety in your work, and I see you go above and beyond, as do so many people in education!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Yes, I definitely do get variety! Smile

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