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My $Day Today

October 15th, 2009 at 12:49 am

So this morning I got up earlier than usual for a Wednesday (day off) and drove over to the Brakes Plus shop. There was one car who had arrived ahead of me. The person I talked to said they only had one technician on staff today, so it might be a bit before they could give me an estimate.

I told him that was fine, because I could walk home and get stuff done.

So, I walked back home. The past week we've had wet and cold weather. Today, we had clear skies, but *muggy* weather. I was soaked by the time I got back. (about 8:20 a.m.)

So, I piddle around doing various things until finally I get the call about 10:30. I'm told my rotors are shot and need to be replaced. To have the front brakes done + the rotors would be $310. They also suggested a brake flush and some toolkit thingy which would have added another $90.

I went ahead and did the $310 work. Frown

Was told it'd be a few hours. So, I decided to walk over to the library so I could get a card, and use a computer to print out the journal articles for my research paper. (The question was released last night for our mid-semester paper - due one week from today.)

The walk to the library wasn't bad at all - except for the mugginess, and crossing two pretty busy roads. (with stoplights thankfully.)

After getting my library card, I managed to find a free computer and sat down to get to work. Unfortunately, the computer wouldn't let me set cookies, so I couldn't access the articles I needed to print.

Luckily the person working the information desk was very accommodating and let me work off one of her computers - she even went and fetched my papers for me!! Turned out that she also is a library science student at my uni, but is almost finished. She didn't know about RefWorks, so I told her about it. (great site where you can export document citation info to, and then it will format your references for your research papers.)

The 9 documents I printed out cost me $14.55, but I think it was worth it to have hardcopies to work off of.

When I was done at the library, of course I walked back home. I managed to read through all my documents, and even write an introduction to my paper, when I got the call that my car was ready.

So, I walked over to the brake place and picked up my car. When I got home, I started a load of laundry.

Then I took the dogs for a walk. Because it was so muggy, both dog walks were shortened. (I take both for a walk together, then go out again with Nikki for a longer/faster walk.) In my second walk with Nikki, we came across a lady with her dog who somehow didn't understand about picking up after your dog's #2's. Ick! The lady herself was pretty nice, and I didn't say anything to her about it ... Maybe I should've.

Well, by the time I got back from the 2nd dog walk, I was completely soaked and parched. Finished up my laundry .. and since then have been procrastinating about doing any more work on my paper!!

Tomorrow is a long day at the gym, so I'll take my netbook and all the documents tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be bored enough to actually get some more work done on it. Big Grin

I'm thinking I really need to get a copy of MS Word. For me to have the full functionality of RefWorks, I have to have Word. So far I've gotten by just using Open Office. Maybe if I could find a copy of MS Office that predates the 2007 version? I *detest* the 2007 version! (I'll have to have MS Access for a class I'll be taking this summer .. so one way or the other I'm going to have to get it.)

6 Responses to “My $Day Today”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Does your mom, brother or dad have the software for MSOffice? If you got it from them, it would still be in the family, and perhaps they would loan it to you or sell it to you for a cheap price. Check to see if someone at school has it? I also got a printer for my daughter from Target for only 28.88! Save the trip and the money of getting stuff printed if you can get the Office loaded.

    Sorry to hear the car sucked more money!! Cross fingers Murphy will leave it alone for a while!! Smile

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:


    I know they have MS Office 2007 -- I wonder though if my stepdad would still have his copy of earlier versions .. will have to ask. Smile
    $28 isn't bad for a printer -- how is it on ink?

  3. leahb Says:

    Check with your schools IT department. When I was in college they offered free MS Office to students you just had to request it from the IT department. Worth a try Smile

  4. homebody Says:

    I had new tires put on last Saturday and took the dogs with me to walk home after dropping off the car. We walked through a school that backs into our neighborhood and I carry a small fabric backpack with doggy supplies in it.

    The other day I was talking to my neighbors and Landon was with me, and he went over and went #2 on the neighbor's lawn next to them. Aarrrggh. Luckily I had just picked up our newspaper in a plastic bag, so I pulled the newspaper out and went over and cleaned up after him.

    Some people think their dog's sh** doesn't stink. Ha ha.

  5. frugaltexan Says:

    Thanks Leah for the idea, I'll check into it.


    Pets like to do that don't they? Smile good thing you had a bag with you!

  6. LuxLiving Says:

    Glad you got those brakes done. But, sorry about the expense!

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