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May have a plan

June 28th, 2005 at 09:34 pm

My parents are filing for bankruptcy, and if their house doesn't sell soon, it will probably be foreclosed on. My mom is essentially living with her fiance in another town, which leaves the house empty (except for her stuff). So, she offered to let dad and I stay in it until either we didn't need to or the foreclosure was final - whichever happened first.

Yesterday I had a long convo with my mom, and ended up telling her about Pathways- that before all this crap came down the pike, I had committed to Todd that I would do it. She convinced me to stay in the house till after her wedding - which would only leave two weekend session of Pathways after that. It would also give me a couple months to really decide where I want to go from here - NE or CA. 99.9% of me is leaning towards NE and Scott.

Scott called me tonight - I totally wasn't expecting it. He told me that he'd been looking around his town and seeing that there were a lot of "for rent" signs. And also that he'd looked in the Sunday paper and saw that there wasn't much in the way of jobs listed. But he did say that probably as soon as he saw Evelyn (kind of the leader of the singles group) that she'd probably be full of ideas for me. One comment he made which really surprised me was that he hadn't realized how much I liked his town. When I asked him why he said that, he told me that I hadn't been very enthusiastic about it - in other words, gone on and on about it. That was really weird to me, because I know how much I did like his town and that area of the US, and I remember numerous times stating to him how much I liked it. I guess it didn't make an impression on him?

I went to Wal-mart today and had my two back tires replaced. The treads on them were worn dangerously thin. While I was there I noticed some car radio/tape systems which were fairly inexpensive and that are compatiable with MP3 players. My speakers are starting to squeak and squeal, and I'm getting really tired of using them - so I think I'm almost ready to bite the bullet and get my car radio replaced. (I had a nice system, but in 2/04 it was stolen out of my car.)

In the morning I'm taking my car to a place called "The Honda Alternative" and having the 75k mile tune-up done. It costs nearly $100 less than at the actual dealership.

It looks like we'll most likely be moving out of this place over the 4th of July weekend. I hope we can find people who can help move us. Todd already volunteered himself and his fiance if I need them -that would be a little awkward I think, especially since I've never met her before.

I've felt so tired and nautious today. Didn't get really much of anything accomplished. I really should have gotten some more boxes packed - or something. I was really embarrased when I had to admit that to Scott. Tomorrow I have to get some packing done, and I have to get some exercise - no matter how tired or lethargic or ucky I feel.

Keeping It Frugal in Texas,

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe it isn't my place to ask this - and you don't have to answer - but are you leaning toward NE because you are hoping a relationship with Scott will start up again? or because you'd like a friend nearby? Maybe his reason for saying "I didn't know you liked my town so much" was his way of saying "don't expect us to get back together if you move here." I could be completely wrong about that, but think about it. Also, I would embrace the moving help, even if it is your ex's fiancee...you might find you have more in common with her than you think, and it is really sweet of them to help. Of course if it makes you totally uncomfortable, don't do it. Wish I was closer to TX so I could help you! Another thing - you don't necessarily need to make a permanent move yet. If you can find a cheap storage facility, or if your mom or someone would let you store your things in their basement, you could just pack up a few necessities and maybe go out to CA to visit your grandma for a while to sort things out in your head. You can always sign up at a temp agency and do short administrative jobs to get some cash. *hugs*

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