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Sick Kari :( ,Rug doctor?? etc

November 25th, 2016 at 07:44 pm

I took my cat Kari to the Vet today. She has another UTI. Frown The vet said that sice it's her 2nd one in a short time, that we should start using only distilled water, give her l-lysine pills, and switch to Iams or Science Diet. He said that if it keeps happening, then we'll have to go to a prescription diet.

I hate it when my furkids are feeling poorly. Frown

Question - What is the best way to have a continual source of distilled water? I bought 3 gallon jugs tonight, but that probably won't be enough or more than a week! I'd hate to be generating that much trash st for water.

We are on the lookout for a rug doctor, or something of similar quality. DH says the ones in the store are way subpar to the ones you rent. We need to be cleaning our carpets at least once a month ... renting a RD will get old fast.

Any suggestions?

Also - we almost bought a snowblower today from Tractor Supply, but DH found out that the engine was made in China, and the warranty isn't being honored. He wants electric start and self propelled? The ones he was looking at on Sears and Ace was a $600 Craftsman. But he feels worried about the engine ...

DH made his first turkey - a 14lb one we got for "free" using grocery store rewards points.He was very happy. I got a tofurkey roast. Ugh. Won't get that again.

I did do some shopping today - got e clothes at Goodwill's $.99 sale, got my oil changed at Walmart (shopped), used a $10 survey reward at CVS to get some freebies, etc. Basically what I would've done Saturday night if I hadn't had today off.. Smile

9 Responses to “Sick Kari :( ,Rug doctor?? etc”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    My husband worked at a small engine repair shop for two years. He agrees on the engine being made in China. They consistently had issues. He always said a mid-range snowblower was best just as long as you do the regular maintenance each year before the season begins.

  2. AnotherReader Says:

    With the number of cats you have and the litterbox issues they have, cleaning the carpets monthly is not going to help much. If the carpets are over hardwood, the finish is ruined by urine and the wood will absorb the urine. If the subfloor is plywood, it's already ruined. Hardwood floors and plywood subfloors will likely have to be replaced. Any carpet over concrete slab means the concrete is absorbing the urine. Slabs have to be bleached multiple times and then painted with oil-based primer.

    You need to remove all of the carpet and pad to assess the damage. This should be done anyway, as more damage is done every time the cats pee on the carpet.

    When you have multiple cats and recurrent UTI's, it may be partially due to stress. However, dirty litter boxes are a major cause of UTI's. Wet litter should not be allowed to sit. Bacteria grow quickly in wet litter. Boxes should be scooped every time they are used and changed every couple of days.

    If you can't do this, you should look at rehoming come or all of the cats. It's not fair to them to make them live in an unhealthy home.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks Laura S. Would you know of any particular brand?

    AR - Kari is not the one having issues outside of the litter box. She never had any health issues until recently. The boxes (at least upstairs) are cleaned at least once a day by me. I have seen one of the cats go outside the box just after completely fresh litter had been put in there. Every time I see where one has had an issue, I treat it. Having some kind of a rug cleaner would make it so that I could do more than just spray and vacuum immediately.

    Both of the cats that have this issue have had it for years - both have been seen by a vet multiple times for this issue. The boy cat has had several thousand dollars worth of surgeries to try to correct this issue. At this point, it seems a behavioral issue for both of them. If either of them were rehomed, I doubt anyone else would be willing to put up with their issues for very long. Which would be immensely heartbreaking because they are both wonderful cats. One is 16? and the other is 11?

    Dirty litterboxes were an issue when only DH was taking care of them, which is where I think this behavior came from, and which is why I have hope that I can eventually change that behavior. Every time I see one of the using the box appropriately, I give them lots of praise... Who knows if that is at all effective. But I'm trying - along with many other measures.

    When I married my DH I accepted the responsibility of the cats as well. One I consider a lifetime commitment. I am doing everything I can to give them a good life. If any of them should be rehomed it would be Kari. She still hasn't adjusted to sharing me. Which is why I think that stress is a huge part of the UTI. I'm not really even sure it would be possible to find the right person to take her in. She *can* be a sweet, wonderful cat. She also can be a hellion. She'd have to go to a home of a 100% confirmed single woman who doesn't have any other pets, and has a LOT of patience. That's the only way I think it even possible for her to be happy again.

    You may be right that the flooring is already damaged under the carpet. Replacing the flooring would be pointless at this juncture, unless there is a type of flooring that's urine resistant... - so, cleaning the carpets in an effort to remove the smell from the area to hopefully help stop the behavioral issue is one step I can take.

    I don't know much about you other than the anonymous comments you leave on the blogs here from time to time. But if you are a pet owner, then I would hope you would know it's not a simple matter to rehome cats with behavioral issues.

    ALL of our cats were either strays or rescued from being taken to the pound. So I would say that even if the home we're giving them isn't perfect, it's better than being put to sleep or trying to survive outside in the NE weather.

    Would life be easier with fewer cats? Of course. But how to choose? How do you say - Yes, I took you in and made a lifetime commitment to caring for you, but it's too hard, so you have to go? DH knows I will not take any more animals into our house until we are back to a reasonable number. But that won't be for at least six or seven years at least. So I'm trying my best to make the situation as good for them and us as I can.

  4. AnotherReader Says:

    I have worked in cat rescue and volunteered at shelters for 25 years. I have cleaned up after tenants with cats (and dogs) in my rentals and I have helped cleaned up a couple of cat hoarding situations. I have cats of my own. I'm very familiar with cat behavior and the damage cats can do.

    Cats have far more sensitive noses than people. Cleaning the carpet may make it smell better to you, but the cat still smells the odor. Until the carpet and padding are gone and whatever is underneath is cleaned and sealed, you will not solve the problem. It would be helpful to place the litter boxes in bathrooms, enclosed porches, or other locations with easy to clean flooring.

    Large mats under the boxes will control flying litter and discourage urination next to the box. Large, deep boxes filled with litter should also help. However, if your DH is not taking proper care of the boxes in the basement or other areas that are "his," the cats will still be stressed and go outside the boxes upstairs.

    Seme people have had success with concentrated Odoban for cleaning non-porous surfaces. You might want to try that if you haven't. Another blogger here, Racheal, has a cat rescue. I'm sure she has an opinion about your problems and may have other ideas about how to solve them.

    An outdoor cat enclosure is something else to consider. They can hang out there in the more temperate months, and even during warmer winter days. If it can be attached to the house with direct access, even better.

    Your cats' behavior reflects a high level of stress. They are unhappy and so are you. Whatever you can do to reduce their stress will benefit everyone in your household.

  5. starfishy Says:

    sorry to hear that kari is sick Frown

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Our litterboxes are all on rugs that gets laundered regularly. They all are the largest / deepest I could find at the time. 4 of the boxes are on linoleum and a rug. The upstairs bathroom has two boxes. We have discussed adding a sun room someday with cat access - but the fence has higher priority right now. We have several more litterboxes than cats.

    This house is at least 4x as large as where they were living before, They have loads of windows to look out of. Eventually we will be building a catwalk around the ceiling in the upstairs - connected to our two current cat trees and the windows that have perches already. They have loads of places to climb and hide and floor space to chase each other -or the laser light. All of our windows have their blinds up so the cats have unfettered access/view.

    As far as we can tell, the carpet has no padding - probably was a diy job like most things in this house... So cleaning the carpets is a solution - perhaps short term, and mostly for our benefit, but it's something that can be done now.

    Do I think the cats are unhappy? Kari - yes definitely. Going from having all my attention and all the space, to having to share that with other cats and a human - has not made her happy. Are the other cats unhappy? If so, only because of Kari. They now have a MUCH cleaner and healthier environment. MUCH more space to get away from each other, plus TWO humans to take care of them. Not to mention a human that lets them sleep on the bed with her (all around and on top ...)

    Am I unhappy? Sometimes I'm a little overwhelmed due to the cats, but I'm not unhappy with the cats. There's other issues totally unrelated to them which have no real possible resolution which I'm trying to deal with ... and maybe that comes out in my feeling frustrated with the cats sometimes.

    Making the place smell better, even if just to human noses, would help our stress level to start with. Getting Karis UTI cleared up and making sure it doesn't reoccur will help both the cats stress level and mine. Having someone suggest rehoming our cats does not help the stress level.

    Knowing more about your background I can get where you might be coming from. However, I still feel it was from left field with you assuming I'm not doing all I can for the cats under my care.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about your kitty. Hope your fur baby is better.

  8. Ima saver Says:

    Sorry to hear about uour sweet cat. Hope she is better soon.

  9. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Thanks all.

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